Compare Auto Insurance Rates

It’s budget season! Time to go line by line through the budget.  When it comes to renewing the ministry’s auto insurance you’ll want to take the time to shop around and compare auto insurance rates.

Don’t limit yourself to the representative in your area.  You can shop for auto insurance online.  My rule of thumb is to try and compare auto insurance from two or three auto insurance companies.

Now may not be the time to renew, but its never too soon to start shopping around.  Don’t wait till the day before your renewal to switch insurance companies.  Most agencies will send out renewal notice a month before the renewal.

Personally, I made the switch and went online service to shop for auto insurance.  I won’t share the company I chose, but I got a far better deal than what I was paying for years with a rep in my area.  I will admit that I waited till after my insurance policy renewed before I notified the previous insurance company.  I didn’t realize it until they automatically charged my account for the first premium.  Yikes! I was so caught up in tax season, I forgot to notify my car insurance company about the change.  I managed to get all my money back.  But I did have to prove I had a policy in place with another company.

Bottom line, it was worth the extra time to make the switch.  So far I’m happy and have been getting great service.

Authored by: Belinda Whitfield

Belinda Whitfield is a Certified Public Accountant. Her firm Whitfield & Associates specializes in helping churches and non-profits obtain their 501c3 status, get control of their finances and stay in compliance with IRS and state guidelines.

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