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We'll ease the pain of getting your 501c3.

We know the process for getting your 501c3 approval can be confusing and frustrating. And reading the IRS Form 1023 instructions can leave you scratching your head. Whether you're trying to save money and do it yourself or delegate your project to a pro, we've put together affordable solutions to help you get your 501c3 application done and out the door!


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Our clients are changing the world one life, one family, and one community at a time!  Now, its your turn - we've got your back!

Rave Reviews!

We had a regular accountant doing our taxes before we found Belinda, and oh how we regret using them. We ended up owing the IRS a whole lot of money because of lack of knowledge. Belinda took over and re-did everything for us and put us on the right track. So well worth it!

Pastors Robert and Norma Rosado
Pastors Robert and Norma Rosado Real Life Church

As far as tax management, preparation, and accounting, Belinda Whitfield and her associates are by far the best there is. Mrs. Whitfield and her firm have done our church and my personal taxes for over 16 years. Whitfield & Associates have kept our church and personal finances organized for optimal growth, administration, and legal protection. Mrs. Whitfield's experienced counsel, knowledge, attention to detail, and quick response have always been helpful and reassuring. That is why I highly recommend her for all my personal and church related matters.

Pastor Eric Susberry
Pastor Eric Susberry Elim Christian Church

I am really glad to have come across Whitfield & Associates and, more specifically, to have had the opportunity to work with Belinda Whitfield. I came to Belinda with numerous questions concerning a new pay-structure, taxes, deductions, etc. I consider it very important to know and understand that I am compliant in regards to such matters. Therefore, when it comes to a CPA I really need to sense that he or she is extremely knowledgeable, skillful, and patient with all my questions. Belinda not only impressed me in all three of these areas, but she went up and beyond the call of duty in way of service, instilling confidence, and leaving me with a great peace of mind. I would recommend Whitfield & Associates to anyone who appreciates the kind of quality of service that rises far above the status quo.

Pas. Terry Wakefield
Pas. Terry Wakefield

We started our church 4 years ago and hired Whitfield and Associates to handle all of our 501(c)(3) paperwork and incorporation. My expectations were more than met … The service I have received over the years is WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Kelvin Easter
Kelvin Easter Destined to Win Christian Center

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