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Sample 501c3 Application for Community Development Corporation

Includes Form 1023 with 80% completed and core sample kit document templates plus sample narrative description of activities for Transitional Living Program, Life Skills Workshops, Community Recreation Center, Child Day Care Services, Drop Off and Pick-up Services, Computer Training, Mentoring and Guidance Counseling, Elderly Housing Community, Low Income Housing Community, Educational Scholarships, Vehicle Donation Program, Clothing Distribution, Food Distribution, Foreign Medical Clinics, School for English Speaking, Dig Water Wells, Youth Ministry.

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Actual 501c3 Application

Get your hands on an actual 501c3 application with all the attachments that was submitted to the IRS and approved.

Narrative Description of Activities

Time-saving templates with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities.

Responses to Form 1023 Questions

Easily answer confusing questions on Form 1023 that require a detailed explanation with our templates.

Stuff the IRS

Will Ask For

We just know the IRS is going to ask for stuff that's not in the Form 1023 instructions.

Bylaws Template

Customize to your needs or use it as a tool to review your own for formatting and completeness.

Financials and Budget Templates

Follow our layout in MS Excel to prepare your budget and supporting worksheet.

More Rave Reviews!

Hello Ms.  Whitfield,

Love Without Borders purchased your kit and in five short months, after submitting the application we are Approved!!!   I believed this was a God move. In browsing the Internet looking for information on how to complete the 501c3 application. The Lord led me to your website. I read the blogs and signed up. Weeks later I purchased the " [sample] kit" and the rest is history.

I know that you have hundreds- thousands of people like myself, who are thanking you for equipping them with information,  but you don't understand what this approval has done for me. There's nothing impossible, when God says do it! I did and He worked it out...

I am so overwhelmed. We are ready and able to do great things for the Kingdom of God - God's love will be exemplified through us! Thank you so much! We could not have done this without you. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you in all that you do, for you are truly making a difference in the lives of people.


- Kelly Williams, Love Without Borders

This kit has been a big help. The example of the completed form was just what I needed!

- Laura L.

The package of documents were very complete and comprehensive. All of the information was logically ordered, I was very pleased.

- Gregg Chase

Testimony time, Our church had been trying to get a 501c3 since 2010 paid two different people to do it. They charge the church but never filed any paper or presented any papers. So I decided to try, I ordered the sample kit, and Ms Whitfield has put it together so nicely very easy to follow I have never done this before and I also learned a lot of new legal words Lol.

I read it then set out to [customize] it to my churches needs took about a week in my spare time. We mailed it on Dec 17, 2013 got a Letter stating they had received it in about 2wks. and today Feb 7, 2014 can somebody say today, we got the approval for the 501c3 not even a full two months. Everybody said 6mo. to a year because they were [backed] up. I just want to say thank you Ms. Whitfield for using your God given talent to put these kits together to help us. God bless you. We will be getting another one for Our Transitional home soon.

- Jill Jackson, Kingdom Minded Ministries

The 501 c 3 Kit that I purchased was wonderful. It meant a lot to me that I could use it and understand what I was doing. I highly recommend this to anyone. I could not have completed the kit without Belinda's assistance. At first I thought it was an online scam. So I dialed the number, she answered and asked how could she bless me today. I knew from that point, she was legitimate. I submitted my Kit to the IRS in Oct., 2014, I was informed by IRS that I should be receiving my non profit certification by the end of Feb., 2015.

The 501 c 3 package was wonderful. If you are not sure what you are doing that is the only way to go. I could not have completed the package with Ms Whitfield's help. I cannot thank you enough. I purchased the package in October of 2014. I am happy to say I have received my certification.

I thank God for her as she blesses others. I cannot stress enough how much having that kit meant to me. Thanks Belinda!

- Phyllis Johnson, The MJ Allen Adult Center, Inc.

149 responses to “Sample 501c3 Applications”

  1. Roger Fooks says:

    I need a package that will do the following, is it possible?
    501c3 Application for Churches
    501c3 Application for Churches with a Child Day Care
    501c3 Application for Foreign Missions Programs
    501c3 Application for Outreach Ministries
    501c3 Application for Transitional Living Program for Ex-Offenders
    501c3 Application for Transitional Living Program for Women

    • Hello Roger,

      Yes, I’d recommend purchasing two kits – the Sample 501c3 application kit for Churches w/Daycare and the Transitional Living Program for Women.
      Both kits are loaded with supplemental attachments.
      Let me know after you’ve made your purchase and I can provide sample program descriptions from the Foreign Missions and Outreach Ministries kits via email.

      Belinda Whitfield

    • Josie Spates says:

      I am trying to complete a 501 (c) 3 for my grant seeking business. I seek grants from the USDA, and I donate the land, to build multi-family housing for the underpriveliged rural families. In other words, I am a developer, seeking grants to fund my housing ventures and the housing are only for low income.

      Do you have a 501 (c) 3 instruction that gives explicit directions to completing the 1023 form for grant writing?

      Thanks, Josie

      • Hi Josie,

        You’re doing a more than grant writing.
        In fact any organization trying to get a grant will have to prepare grant applications.
        If you’re the developer, your primary activity is to seek (land and cash) donations that will be used to build multi-family housing.
        You will work in partnership with other non-profit organizations who will ultimately own and manage the properties.

        I’d consider using the sample kit for the CDC and focus on your development activities.

        Peace and Blessings!

    • Hello Ms. Whitfield,

      My name is Jeff and I am trying to start a non-profit for children I have a program that I use in schools but I just can’t afford some of the things that I am trying to do. What type of 501c3 do I need?

      • Hi Jeff,

        Sorry, I’m a bit behind in responding to website questions.

        You may want to use the sample kit for Outreach Ministries.
        You will need to do some customizing to describe your specific activities.
        You can follow my samples to see how much detail to include and how to address a lot of the other questions on the Form 1023.

        Peace and Blessings!
        Belinda Whitfield

    • Pastor Julian Martinez says:

      Blessings Belinda,

      My name is Julian Martinez I am a Pastor of a small community church in Tucson AZ , we incorporated in 2009 under the name Lift Him Up Ministries Inc ,in the state of AZ. we are now seeking to file for our 501c-3 status; Our ministry has a Foreign Missions outreach program and we do community outreach as well and seeking into opening a Transitional living program for ex-offenders. I do not have much legal experiance but would like to know what it would cost us for you to assist us in obtaining our 501 c-3 in the state of AZ. I really would appreciate you helping us as a ministry to continue our outreaches, ( note ) is there several applications to file ? and do we need to hire a lawer, if so what would you charge us ?
      I that you will be able to assist us. you can view us on facebook @ LIFT HIM UP MINISTRIES INTERTERNATIONAL,

      Thank you in advance and may the Lord bless you and your ministry

      Pastor Julian Martinez

    • Anthony Washington says:

      Good afternoon, I need information concerning 501-3c for Community Service. I currently belong to a Club that supports the community doing community services in the community. We have fundraisers to help individuals in the community, feeding the homeless populations, taking donations to helping the community with clothing, etc. Our club is strictly involved in supporting the community and assisting with services to empower the community. We participate in street cleaning, assisting the elderly visiting at nursing homes, senior citizens, etc. My question is, is there a 501-3c for clubs or organization that provide community services in the community>

      • Hello Anthony,

        I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
        So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

        You could make use of the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for An Outreach Ministry.
        There are examples of narrative descriptions for activities your organization will engage in.
        You may use it as a guide, and customize it to your needs.

        Belinda Whitfield



      • Belinda Whitfield says:

        Hi Nellie,

        We sent re-activated your link to download the product.
        You should have it in your inbox.
        Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

        Peace and Blessings!
        Belinda Whitfield

  2. George Robinson says:

    Hello, I am needing information on which Application to choose. I am starting a community outreach program which includes a Boxing Club as the Main Focus. I had no idea that there where different forms for different organizations. Could anyone help me and lead me into the right direction as to what forms i need to have as well as a example if possible to assist in me not making mistakes. Thanks in Advance.

    • Hello George,

      Just to clarify, all 501c3 applicants must complete same IRS form 1023. There are not different forms per type of organization.
      My sample 501c3 application kits include actual applications for various types of organizations that were submitted and approved by the IRS.

      I have done applications for organizations that had athletic activities and community recreation centers.
      The Sample 501c3 application kit for Outreach Ministries is probably your closest match to what a finished application should look like
      before you send it to the IRS.

      I can provide additional sample program descriptions for the athletic activities.

      Belinda Whitfield

  3. Neicy McNair says:

    In your experience, what is the average turnaround time for receiving a response from the IRS?

    • Hi Neicy,

      My applications have been approved in 3 – 6 weeks and don’t usually go through a second level review.
      Occasionally one will be routed for review and take about 3 months.
      I did a “super-size” community development corp application that I just knew would go through a special review, but it was approved in 3 weeks.
      Who knows, maybe my name is on a list of routine filers for Form 1023.
      Then again, church applications tend to get fast approvals in general, unless there are issues.

      Check out this page on the IRS’s website:,,id=156733,00.html.
      It shows the status of applications they are reviewing. These are the ones that get assigned for review, then supervisor’s approval.
      As of today, it looks like they are working on applications received in May.

      There have been certain times over the past few years where one of my applications was routed for review and wasn’t assigned to someone to review for 9 months.
      But after it was assigned, it was approved in about 2 weeks. That has happened twice in all the years I’ve done 501c3’s. The last time being about 2 or 3 years ago.

      The first time it happened I managed to get someone at that specific location to tell me what was going on.
      They explained the applications come to them in loads; gets routed to one of various offices throughout the US for review and sit in drawers just waiting and waiting to be assigned to a reviewer.
      Then, you’re at the mercy of the reviewer’s work schedule (i.e. vacations, personal time off, time away for training and meetings, etc.).


  4. youlanda beard says:

    Hello i am trying to see about an affordable way to become a 5013c organization for our pee wee football team. We don’t have a lot of money coming in and we really need to get this done in order to get better donations for our players to provide equipment and other things they need. Is there a less expensive way to do so. Thank you, Youlanda Beard

    • Hi Youlanda,

      I specialize in serving religious organizations. Quite frankly, I haven’t done any work for athletic teams.

      Here’s my opinion:
      1. Get Incorporated as a non-profit. This should cost $50 or less in most states.

      2. Start working on your 501c3 application. You actually have 27 months after you’re incorporated to do this. This gives you 27 months to raise money.
      The contributions you receive will be tax deductible, as long as your organization’s activities meets the 501c3 criteria.
      I haven’t done any work on athletic teams, so I can’t advise you on this matter.

      3. After 27 months, as long as your total revenues remain under $5,000 per year, contributions are still tax deductible.
      And when you finally apply, your 501c3 status will be retroactive to your incorporation date.
      But if your revenues are over $5,000, then your 501c3 status will be based on the postmark date for your application.

      So, you’ve got some time to raise money for the application fee.

      Belinda Whitfield

  5. angle says:

    Hi I have a youth group that I work with and i am trying to see about an affordable way to become a 5013c organization for our youth group. So that we can help with workshops, school supplies ect

  6. Alvic Ward says:

    Grace and Peace Belinda:
    I am interested in starting a non-profit with a focus on personal growth and development for the at-risk population in youth and adults, including offenders. My target population would be schools, detention centers, prisons, and group homes. Can you help or advise me in securing funding for MY DREAM?

    God Bless and Be Well.

    Hamden, CT

  7. Renee says:

    Will any of your samples work for a college alumni association that wants to obtain 501c3 status?

  8. Hello… I am attempting to apply for tax exemption for a ministry that will work with churches but is not a church itself. I am not sure which application to choose. This ministry will hold services such as conferences and christian education classes dealing with performing arts in the church…

    • Hi Tracey,

      You’ll want to use the sample application for outreach ministries. Then customize the description of programs and activities to match your organization.
      In fact I just completed a 501c3 application for a similar organization. I could pass the description of programs I used after your purchase.


  9. Judith Richey says:

    I have incorporated our organization at the state level, have an EIN. Now I would like to file for 501c3 status. We do not take dues or have any fund-raising planned. We don’t even have a checking account. Any fees that have needed to be paid, I have paid personally. All our work is done through volunteers.
    Do you have a sample application that would cover an organization with no income. The reason I want to get 501c3 status is to be able to grant write and fund-raise so contributors can get a tax-deduction.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Judith,

      All of the sample applications include financial activity (either actual financial information or a budget for newer organizations).
      Even if you have no recent financial activity, you will need to put together a budget.

      The budget time frame will depend on when you were incorporated.
      And your budget should represent the costs to implement your planned programs and activities.
      Whether you’re presenting actual financial data or a budget, you will see how I presented financial information to the IRS in the actual approved application that was approved by the IRS.
      And it will include templates in excel for presenting supplemental financial information.


  10. Elliot Perez says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I’m submitting an application for 501C, but my non-profit hasn’t generated any income yet from donations, since we are just starting!! The question is what should I report on the financial statements section?

    Eventually, if i need any forms or advice i will be glad to purchase it from you! But know that’s my request.


  11. Rita Homrich says:

    I own a company that provides personal development courses to a population from 12-80 years of age. Many of these participants are in recovery, arrested troubled youth, families going through divorce, families in trouble with teens on drugs, sexual abuse issues, domestic abuse, foster care kids, etc. I want to take all that I have built in the last 20 years and submit an application for a 501c3 so that the legacy of what we do can live on through a non-profit and dismantle the LLC I presently own and operate. Also, there are a wealth of grants available which fit the clients we serve. I am interested in either you doing the application or you directing me to the application that best fits our needs.
    Please advise me of the best route I can take.
    Thank you, Rita Homrich

  12. Ron Sluis says:

    We are a small church with a 120 yr. old building. We are thinking about a 501c3 status to help maintain our building with outside donations. Is it possible to repair a roof (example ) or would we have to replace the roof? In other words can you repair or do you have to replace.Our building is a historical building. Thank You

  13. cierra king says:

    Hi, im the process of starting a not for profit organization in Chicago solely aimed at girls that will teach teen pregnancy prevention as well promote post secondary education by using educational and prevention based programs. We do not have an organization like this in Chicago. I have worked on this project for 2 years. I have finished the articles, I have bylaws, I have a mission and vision, strategies, objectives, and goals. I have board of directors invite letters. I’m working on a budget. But I do no have the money for the filing of the 501c3 which kind of holding up the establishment of my not for profit organization. I talked to a lawyer he said that he would send me the documents in which he did. He said that he couldnt fill it out if I didnt have the money, but for free I could ask him any question, if I filled it out myself. Would you suggest this or no? What should my next steps be in order for my organization to be operating soon?

  14. Jon says:

    Hi! Do you know when (or if) the IRS will ever roll out Cyber Assistant so the filing fee might actually drop down to $200?

  15. Norma says:

    I have a tax id number for a not for profit scholarship organization. How do we know if we qualify for 501c3? And what approximately does it cost?

    • Hi Norma,

      It all depends on the type of scholarships you plan to award and who will be the recipients.
      If it is to distribute educational scholarships, you’re in the clear. The IRS will charge $850 to review your application.
      Plan on $50 t o $100 for the state fees.

      If you need professional assistance, my firm charges a consulting fee of [modified since comment was posted]to prepare all your federal and state paperwork.
      Learn more at:

      Peace and Blessings!

  16. RODNEY says:


  17. DeeDee says:

    I am interested in establishing a nonprofit to provide technical assistance and education to children struggling with obesity in a clinic-type setting. whixh one of your examples should I purchase. Better yet, how much do you charge to establish the business in the state of FL AND to complete the 501C3 application?


    • Hi Dee Dee,

      My 501c3 application for outreach ministries will give you an idea as to what the application should look like.

      While the programs and activities may not fit your organization, you will see the pattern as to how I format this narrative. Although I am a bit concerned about the “clinic” you referred to. You may be a bit out of the box for me as it may require supplemental data the IRS requires for hospitals which is outside of my niche. If you’re only doing basic screening, monitoring, counseling, we should be okay.

      Check out my 501c3 Services page at for all the details. My fee is $[modified since comment was posted] or 3 monthly installments of $[modified since comment was posted].

  18. D A. Jones says:

    I have a 501c3 and it was revoke because I didn’t file for 3 years, how do I get reinstated?
    thank you,

  19. Kelli says:


    Our non-profit organization has been incorporated for 2 years. We started this as high school students, and didn’t know the exact process to apply for the 501c3. We did apply, and we got rejected once. Its been more than a year now. Obtaining the 501c3 will really help our organization succeed in the future.

    Is it hard to resubmit and get approved? We don’t exactly know why the 501c3 was rejected in the first place.

    Thank you for your time Belinda!

  20. shirley whitfield farmer says:

    we are looking for family relatives….i’m from the family of owen whitfield civil rights organizer who formed and led the 1939 highway demostration…would like to look so much like our neice melissa.

  21. shirley whitfield farmer says:

    wish we had known you earlier…we waited a long time to get our 501c3 for our whitfield foundation.

  22. michael says:

    Hello Belinda Whitfield, will any of your applications help me? I am starting a single parent scholarship program that helps single parent with the cost of sports birthday parties ect.

    • Hi Michael,

      The outreach ministry package could help. But you’d have to customize your programs and activities.
      My sample kit provides the basic samples of how to format your description. They will always need customizing to your organization’s plans.
      I’d suggest tweaking your activities to include funding youth after-care activities, recreational sports and other educational and extra-curricular activities for low-income families supported primarily by single parents.
      Note the emphasis on low-income.


  23. Ed Nash says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I recently opened a licensed family home daycare August 4th, 2011. On 8/30/11 I registered the name “Child’s Play Family Daycare LLC (Non-profit) with Minnesota sate. I am currently in the process of applying for an EIC and then 501 (c) (3) for my organization daycare. Which template would you recommend I use?


    • Hi Ed,

      I’d suggest the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Community Development Corp.
      It’s loaded and has more than you’ll need. But there’s info about the child care in this kit for you.
      All my non-profits are set-up as non-profit corporations.
      So you’ll have to navigate through the IRS instructions for responding to LLC entity type.


  24. Veronica says:

    Hello Shirley,

    I have a Fashion design company called BARDO.. I financially support children NON- Profits, based in the US, and have now been volunteering in foriegn countries aswell. I would like to establish my own non-profit ORG, and raise funds, through my own foundation, and use those funds to give under my own foundation, and to continue partnering with, and to give to other ORG”s.. Would that fall under the charitable Qualification Catagory?


    • Hi Veronica,

      Yes, your organization would be a charitable organization.
      Here’s another tip: While you may be the founder, you will want to decide if your organization will be a publicly supported charity or private foundation.
      Private foundations receive contributions from a few major contributors who usually control the organization.
      Publicly supported organizations receive donations primarily from the general public (including businesses and government grants).

      I hope this helps!

  25. Praise the Lord! I am inquiring about a sample 501c3 application for our church organization Come As You Are Perfecting Churches…I am going to purchase the one for churches; however, we have organized an organization in 2010 and we need to apply for the 501c3 tax exemption…do you have one that would help us write the 1023 application?

    • Do you have a second organization that was formed in 2010? If so, you’ll want to use a sample kit that is similar to the other organization.
      It all depends on what the planned programs and activities are.

      You can follow our sample kits no matter what year you were incorporated.
      The financial section of your application will need to be customized based on when your organization was incorporated.

      I hope this helps :-)!

  26. James Chambers says:

    Hello Mrs. Whitfield,

    I have an idea to start a Non-for-porfit organization and that is all it is at this point, an idea. I do have a mission statement. My question is: Do I file the 501(c)(3) now, or should I already have a board of directors before I file? Thank you.


  27. Brenda says:

    I am trying to start a youth program and I don’t see that you have anything available for that. I have already started completing the form 1023, but not to sure about a lot of the questions. Would you be interested in giving me a quote?

    • Hi Brenda,

      Our Sample 501c3 Application Kit for CDC has quite a few youth program activities including:
      Youth Sports, Drill Team, Pizza Night, community recreation center, and quite a few more activities.

      If you’ve already started the 1023, the Sample Kit is just what you need. It’s like a cheat sheet.
      You will see how I answered all the questions and follow my lead, but customize it to your organization.

      I’m always available if you need extra help.


      • Brenda says:

        Thanks for your response. I would like to hire your firm to complete the process if possible. I have the by-laws, business plan, federal ID# and articles of incorporation. I don’t mind paying the full price if you want to update what I have that would be fine. I wasn’t able to find your form on this site. Would you be able to do this for me?

        • Brenda says:

          Which sample kit would I use for:
          •To focus on educational programs that assists youths with their academics, communication and interpersonal skills, self-esteem and positive behavior,

          •To develop programs that enhance personal growth and character building that will be of value and positively impact the community and their future.

          •To have After School programs and SAT/ACT Prep courses that will assist elementary to high school kids with their academics and further their education.

          •To form mentorships for youths with leaders of the community that will broaden their knowledge and awareness social responsibility.

          •To develop programs that address character building and leadership skills development of youths.

          • Hi Brenda,

            You could use the Sample 501c3 Kit for a CDC. There’s a special list with descriptions for youth activities.
            Maybe not exactly what you’re doing, but you can follow my lead to see how I format my programs and activities, and customize it to your organization.

            Thanks so much!

        • Hi Brenda,

          Thanks for your interest in my services. You can learn more about my professional 501c3 service on my Get Your 501c3 page at

          The link to download the form and view the payment plans are just below the video.

          Peace and Blessings!

  28. marsha says:

    Hi, what sample application would I use for helping single mothers with transportation.

    • Hi Marsha,

      I love your idea. Single mothers can use all the help they can get.
      I’d use the sample application kit for outreach ministries since your focus is to help someone in need.

      Use the kit as cheat sheet for putting your package together.
      You’ll need to customize the programs and activities specific to your unique organization.
      You’ll see how I wrote mine. Follow that as a lead for what the IRS is looking for.
      But use your own wording.

      Peace and Blessings!

  29. Renee Lindemann says:

    I really don’t know where to go to contact you, so am trying this. I work at a small county museum in North Dakota. Would any of your kits work in assisting me with our 501c3 application?

  30. C Green, Sr. says:

    I want to apply for a 501c3 for my church. We are already Incorporated. I took the chance and applied for it myself (8yrs ago ) It took some time but I did it. Looking at all this paperwork i’m not sure where to start?


    • Hello Chester,

      I’m just a little confused. You said you applied 8 years ago. Was your application denied?

      Nonetheless assuming you have to start over, the first thing is to decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional.
      If your funds are limited, you’ll probably want to do it yourself.
      My sample 501c3 Application Kit should be quite useful for do-it-yourself.
      But keep in mind, its not a step-by-step walk me every step of the way kind of guide.
      Its more of a cheat sheet for someone who’s ready to put their package together and wants to see what a complete package should look like before they send theirs end.
      And it includes my templates to help you save time putting yours together.
      This is really for an administrative type person who gets a buzz on researching and filling out paperwork.

      If paperwork seems a bit overwhelming, consider delegating the task to a volunteer or hire a professional.
      I’m here to help if you need professional assistance. Check out my Get Your 501c3 page for more info.

      Peace and Blessings!

  31. Teresa says:

    We are trying to submit an application for a Christian Academy which kit would be helpful for us? are there samples available of necessary documents?


    • Hi Teresa,

      I’d need to know a little more about the academy before I can recommend a sample kit.

      Our sample kit for outreach ministries is fairly generic.
      You will need to do some customizing to describe your specific activities.
      You can follow my samples to see how much detail to include and how to address a lot of the other questions on the Form 1023.

      Yes, there are samples of necessary documents in each kit and in MS Word format so that you can customize them to your ministry.


  32. Gloria Mickles says:


    I am trying to open a Bible College and I am having problems completing my 501c3. What would you recommend?

  33. Patricia F.Clary says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I have a license daycare center. I am adding a community development center for youth. It will have a gymnasium and bowling alley. I have already started completing the form 1023, but not sure about some of the questions. Would you be interested in giving me a quote to complete it for me?
    Obtaining the 501c3 will really help the community center be free to all youth.

  34. Hi, Belinda,
    I am a pastor, that have a church plant under 5 years. I have the church incorporated with the state and have an EIN number. I would like for you to help me with some direction on what 501c3 I need to get. Our church is within my home, and I am also interested in the Re-entry iniative for ex-offenders. I also have that incorporated and have an EIN number. We are also establishing a youth outreach to teach fitness, faith, finance and fun. I know it seems we are moving in different directions. My heart is there on each one. Do I need to get a separate 501c3 for each one? Or is there one where they would fall under the umbrella of the church?

    • Hello Pas. Evans,

      I would recommend having 2 separate 501c3’s. One for the church and another for the community programs.
      Anything you do that is religious can be done under the church. Other non-religious programs would function under the community related 501c3.
      I know there will probably be some religious activities under the community program.
      That’s fine, as long as you don’t make your religious activities mandatory..

      As far as the sample kits, you would want the sample 501c3 application kit for churches and the sample kit for CDC’s.

      I hope this helps!
      Belinda Whitfield

  35. Shawn Woods says:

    Hello Belinda,

    We established a Non-profit in 2005, but never got our 501c3 . In your opinion, will the IRS make it more difficult for us to be approved since we took so long?

    • Hi Shawn,

      I know I’m late on responding, but if you’ve been on my site, you probably know I’ve been called to serve as CEO/President of Covenant Bank.

      My response:

      That all depends.

      If your organization is a church, it doesn’t matter, you’re automatically exempt.
      If your organization has been inactive or had total revenues under $5,000 per year since inception, you’re fine.
      Your 501c3 status approval will be retroactive to the day your organization was incorporated.

      Otherwise, your exemption will be effective the postmark date that you send in the application.
      You will have some issues if you received donations between the day you were incorporated vs. the postmark date.
      As those donations will not be tax deductible and you’ll have some notifications and explaining to do to notify those donors.
      That’s where the real hassle is.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  36. Dale T. McKinney says:

    I am heading up a group in a large community that is attempting to open a free medical clinic with a very upfront evangelical message. Would we use the Outreach Kit? Thanks for the help. Blessings…Dale

    • Hello Dale,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Its been a busy summer for me.
      Yes, the outreach kit should be fine. The kit for foreign missions has more language for medical clinics.
      Let me know when you make your purchase and I will send the extra language I have for medical clinics.
      You can tweak it as needed.

      Peace and Blessings!

  37. Lynda says:

    I a looking for info in which is a combination of a church and transitional housing for women and children. I have looked at the info that is including with both samples. Would I have to purchase both? We are actually trying to have a church and have the residential facility on the same property with the many services and activities from both a church and transitional housing program stand point.
    Thanks for your much needed, help in advance.

    • Hi Lynda,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Its been a busy summer.
      I generally do not recommend combining a church 501c3 with community programs like transitional housing.
      My attorneys have always advised that we split them to two different 501c3’s. Its not against the law, it has more to do with protecting the church’s 501c3 and helping you qualify for grants.
      So yes, you would need to purchase both.

      Peace and blessings!

  38. Mickey says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I recently started a foundation for homeless women and children. Our mission is to be able to provide for homeless women and children with safe shelter and basic services, helping them to be independent again. I looked at your list of example applications and I did not see one for this type of organization. Right now I have to do everything on my own including using out of pocket money because I am afraid someone will for a receipt and I won’t be able to give them a receipt because I do not have the 501 status.
    Could you please help me with this?

  39. Kz says:

    I have a non profit that delivers mentoring, tutorial services, online classes and ebooks for university students in under served communities. services are free. which type of sample 501c3 application do I need to use?

    • Hi There Kz,

      Sorry for the delay. Its been a while since I’ve had time to reply to comments on my site.

      Hmmmm… Your organization has a strong educational focus. While I have no kits that are that focused on education, you can use the outreach ministry kit to help you with responding to the Form 1023 questions and see my method for describing the programs and activities.

      I hope this helps.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Belinda Whitfield

  40. Que says:


    I’m trying to complete a 501c3 for a mental health support facility. Which kit should i purchase?

    • Hi Que,

      Sorry for the delay. Its been a while since I’ve had time to reply to comments on my site.

      My sample kit for transitional program for women should help. It’s not a perfect fit, but you can follow my pattern and customize the narrative description for the programs to your organizations specific target market.
      It includes descriptions for a live-in facility, counseling and life skills workshops. You can modify the type of workshops and counseling to describe your therapeutic services.

      I hope this helps!!

      Belinda Whitfield

  41. Marcia says:

    Hi Ms. Whitfield,

    I’m interested in starting a non-profit organization that will assist and focus solely on individuals who are unemployed due to cut backs on the job. In order to get assistant, one would have to be currently receiving unemployment benefits or benefits have exhausted within the last 30 days of their application for assistance. I don’t have a board of directors, I don’t have a budget nor do I have any funds to support this organization at this current time. My goal is to apply for a 501c3 so that the funds to support this organization will be thru fun raising, donated, etc;. Will either of your sample application assist me with starting a 501c3? Also, I would like to asked, if the directors and I gave up our current jobs to work this organization full time, can our salary come out of the funds that are raised and donated?

    • Hello Marcia,

      Your organization will be a great help to many. The outreach ministry kit should be helpful.
      Its not a perfect fit, but you’ll see how I write my narrative. I would suggest that you expand your vision a bit and include other services your target group will need.
      For example: Job training, resume writing assistance, food assistance, career wear clothing, job referral sources, etc.

      Start with getting a board, and do some networking to find volunteers to support your cause.

      I hope this helps!!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  42. Marcia says:

    Ms. Whitfield,

    Are you familar with grant writing? If so, can you tell me if there are any grants in place that will assist my organization for assisting families and individuals who has been laid off from their jobs due to cut backs. The organizations will assist with rent, mortgage, utilities, medicine, groceries, etc;

  43. Robert says:

    Hello Ms Witfield, I am a member of a group of masons attempting to file a 501 c 3, but am not sure what application we should use. Could you please guide me in the right direction so that we may at lease decised which way would be best for use to persue. Thanks

  44. Jamie Harper says:

    Hi Mrs Whitfield, My name is Jamie Harper you were highly recommended to me by Dr Jones who is a very good friend of mine .i am looking for someone who would be able to assist me in setting up a charity foundation for people who suffer from having a chronic illness. so far i have set up a business bank account with an EIN# i was wondering if you would b e able to assist me with the 501 and etc. to be able to get it up and running . i look forward to hearing from you my contact info is # 508-246-5821 email acc # thank you very much.

  45. felicia P says:

    I have just downloaded the 501c 3 app and tried to fill it out I was so over whelmed with the questions I have a mission in which I have been using my personal funds. This mission it to help inner city kids learn a trade, get a job and how to conduct themselves during an interview. Are there people like yourself out there for hire to fill out the app. I know that I would have to give them the info but someone asking the questions and I answer them would be less stressful. Being a mom, student, wife, and community advocate for young people.

  46. Ava at InspireWorld Ministries says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I want to say Thank you sooo much for the ingenius assistance you provide to churches and alike through these comprehensive tools.

    I just purchased the kit for Churches with Child Day Care, and the one for Community Development Corp. They are an absolute blessing!!!

    Prior to stumbling across your website, I’ve spent a week of just 3-4 nights of sleep doing all the research, and putting them together as part of our 501c3 application for our church where my husband is a Senior Pastor of. At the enormity of the information available in the vast web, and at the rate I was filtering what’s needed and what applies to our vision, I was so sure I would need atleast 3 more weeks to get anywhere near completion,

    I can’t believe it when I found your website! You have ingeniously just packaged our church’s vision into at least 3 of the kits and have already put together and practically have laid out what would be my weeks of research and composition into one site. Finding your website earlier would have saved the prior week’s sleep deprived nights. I no longer need some of the forms on the kits as I’ve delved on those requirements already but all the rest that we still need are all in the kits, in the quality that exceeds my “refiner” standards even.

    Two questions so far:
    1. Our incorporated church name has “Inc” at the end. Do I have to indicate the “Inc” where all our church’s name should be typed in? Or, would it be ok without it? I just feel that it makes the church sound more like business with the “Inc” repeated over and over, but I don’t want our 501c3 app to be rejected if it should have been there as it is part of the incorporated name.

    2. Where the word “corporation” appears in the documents, can I replace those with “organization” instead? Or must it be “corporation” for compliance? Here I go again with… I feel like it sounds more like a business.

    Pls advice.


  47. R Edouard says:

    Hi, what software do I need to use to open or un-zip the folder because I cannot open it.

    • Hello R Edouard,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.

      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar issue.
      The file you receive will be a compressed zip file.
      Your PC may come with a program to unzip files.
      Winzip and Stuff-it are available in a trial version.
      Also, you may search the internet or for a free program.

      I hope this helps.

  48. Ross says:

    Do you have an example that might help us? We are an organization that offers educational assistance to underprivileged children in the Philippines. We offer support in ways of tuition, school uniforms, school meals, transportation to and from school and boarding houses for kids who live in the provident where higher education is not available.

    • Hello Ross,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      You could make use of the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Foreign Missions. Its not a perfect fit,
      but there are examples of narrative descriptions for activities you may engage in.
      You may use it as a guide, and customize it to your needs.


  49. A Williams says:

    We are a new church that has limited funding and would like to only do the download kit option. We will be doing both a church and transitional housing. Do we need two kits for that? Or does the church kit include what is needed for the transitional housing? Will we have to have two applications or project names or will it be all covered under the church?

    • Hello A. Williams,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      We generally recommend setting up a separate corporation and 501c3 for the church and the transitional housing.
      This will help the transitional housing program qualify for grants and government agency funding.
      Yes, you would need two kits.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  50. Jeff says:

    Hi Belinda. Thanks for this website! I’m interested in starting a nonprofit that helps people integrate their faith and their work. Which of our downloadable apps would you suggest?

    • Hello Jeff,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      My guess is that you will be conducting speaking engagements, workshops and counseling.
      You could make use of the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for An Outreach Ministry.
      There are examples of narrative descriptions for activities your organization will engage in.
      You may use it as a guide, and customize it to your needs.

      Belinda Whitfield

  51. Rodney Ford says:

    I’m interested in starting a non-profit organization that will promote the use of solar energy technologies to help meet the world’s energy needs. Through education, research and market transformation.

    Which sample application will work best for me?


    • Hello Rodney,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      I specialize in churches and religious organizations. You will want to contact a non-profit attorney in your area.

      Belinda Whitfield

  52. Mark says:

    Hi, I am wanting to start a day care that also focus on single high school age mothers, battered mothers, unwed mothers, and addicted mothers with children. I just don’t know how to choose a 50 c3 that’s fits my program

    • Hello Mark,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      My guess is that in addition to the child care services, you will eventually provide counseling,
      and life skills and parenting workshops to help your targeted group.

      You could make good use of the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for An CDC.
      This kit is packed with a lot of activities. So pick out what you need.
      There are examples of narrative descriptions for activities your organization will engage in.
      You may use it as a guide, and customize it to your needs.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  53. dianne says:

    Hi, I am interested in starting a non-profit group home for boys,which kit would be best for me.

    thank you.

    • Hello Dianne,

      You will want to use the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Transitional Housing for Women.
      Okay, I know your target group is boys. So when you review the narrative description, replace the language about women and change to boys.

      I hope this helps!
      Belinda Whitfield

  54. Lynda says:

    I ordered your kits for churches with daycare & transitional housing. I also need help with the Schedule B for a private school & christian university as ministries of the church.

    • Hello Lynda,

      Thanks for your purchase. We do not have templates for private schools and universities.
      I would suggest hiring a not-for-profit attorney to assist with the university.
      There may be some special legal and strategic issues to be addressed that a legal specialist
      can address with (e.g. more customized articles of incorporation and customized bylaws).


  55. Shafiq says:

    I am in the process of completing 1023 application for a religious organization and another one for a private fulltime school. Do you have any kit that will provide templates and guidelines for the aforementioned organizations?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Shafiq,

      You may use the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Churches if your religious organization will conduct worship services and activities similar to churches.
      If the religious organization does not conduct worship services, you will want to use the sample application kit for outreach ministries.
      We do not have a sample kit for a school.

      Peace and Blessings,

  56. John says:


    We started a religious organization to produce Christian and family friendly movies and videos. Will your information help us in getting the 1023 application through to approval? Thanks for your response.


    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello John,

      Your ministry is much needed!!! We do not have a specific kit similar to your organization.
      I have done a 501c3 for a similar organization. I will communicate further by email.

      Peace and Blessings!

  57. Danica says:


    I would like to start a faith based art center for at risk youth. Which package should I purchase?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Danica,

      Sorry for the delay, I have been away on vacation.
      I would suggest the Sample 501c3 Application for CDC.
      You will find sample descriptions for youth programs.
      This will provide a good example for describing your programs.
      You will customize the template to reference more about the art programs you plan to conduct.

      Belinda Whitfield

  58. maryapatterso says:

    I am interested in starting a non profit organization where I would focus on children and group homes. the application itself it a bit intimindating. will your kit be good for someone like myself trying to obtain funding from the government?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Mary,

      Our sample kit will provide a sample of the 501c3 application as a point of reference.

      The sample kit for a transitional program for women would be a good template to work from.
      Keep in mind the kit is not a step-by-step – here’s how to get your 501c3.
      It is a guide to help you package your application and save some time.

      While obtaining a 501c3 status will be a step in the right direction for qualifying for grant funding from the government; the kit provides no information about searching for grants, nor obtaining government funding.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  59. Dr.Mann says:

    Ms. Whitfield:
    We are interested in starting a multifaceted religious nonprofit organization some of the aspects are:Transitional home for women aged 25-60 at risk of homelessness, Transitional home for ex-offenders aged 20-30, a farm and food pantry to meet the needs of those suffering from food insecurity, a community center and a senior home. These are some of the programs that we would like to start with and develop others as the Lord Blesses. We have already been doing some of these activities on a smaller scale using church member’s homes to accommodate the needs and would like to legally do them as a nonprofit organization.

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Dr. Mann,

      The sample 501c3 application kit for a CDC would be a good example to use as a guide.
      This kit is packed to include most of what you listed. We recently did an application for a community garden.
      If you make a purchase, forward this message and I will send you the activities description of the community garden as well.
      You may use it as a guide for describing your farming activities.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  60. abdur williams says:

    Hello what package should I buy that will help me get a 501c3 I have a community youth organization our goal is to bring self awareness , bullying awareness vocational and educational, gang and drug awareness college tours etc. What do you have that will help me in

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Abdur,

      I would suggest the 501c3 Sample Kit for a CDC.
      This kit has a template for youth activities and life skills workshops that you may customize to your organization’s planned activities.
      Also, you will see my pattern for describing any other activities you plan to conduct.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  61. Aaron Williams says:

    Ms. Whitfield: should churches have a separate 501 C3 (ie like a CDC) also can churches have a 501 c3 for the church and a separate 501 C3 for the CDC?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Aaron,

      We do encourage churches form a separate non-profit (including a separate board) for their CDC or non-religious community activities.


  62. Joyce Poulson says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I am a new pastor trying to get established. I’ve only been Pastoring for 6 months and still have only 5 members. I was told I should start an outreach ministry first to get the people to know who I am and our ministry. I want to be able to have a food bank, back to school supplies, and anything else to help in the community. I want to know do I get a 501c3 under my church name or do I have to have a different name? Also, we are very limited on funds as I am trying to maintain my personal household as well as get this church off the ground. I am finding that I am spending a lot of my own money for the church and this is very hard as I am trying keep my home, too. We started with the church in our home but we couldn’t get anybody to come visit, so we moved to building but people never came there either because it was inside of a mini mall. So the church is going nowhere and we are no longer in that building. so the church has actually dissolved. I really need help. What suggestions and help can you provide?

    Thank you and God bless you for what you are doing for His people.

    Pastor Joyce Poulson
    Abundant Life Empowerment Ministries, Inc.

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Pas. Poulson,

      In order to obtain your church 501c3, you would have to be actively conducting church activities.
      So an outreach ministry would be best until you are ready to resume church activities.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      P.S. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m sure many of our website visitors will benefit from the information you shared about how you moved from one location to the next and the outcome.


  63. Grace Anderson says:

    Hi My name is Grace. I’ve started my non profit and I need a 501c3. We have fee-for-service (Mental Health Case Management through medicaid) and we would to get grants for our youth empowerment/Vocational Rehabilitation/international nonprofit programs. Which kit do you recommend? Thanks

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hi Grace,

      Sorry for the delayed response. We’re in tax season for our non-profits that filed extensions.
      I would recommend the Sample 501c3 Kit for the CDC.

      Peace and Blessings!

  64. matthew espinoza says:

    Hello i want to start an boxing program to help kids keep out of gangs but can we get church grants to make this happen or do the grants have to be used specificly for the church? And what is the success rate in applying for church grants?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Matthew,

      We primarily help with setting up non-profits. You’ll have to do a bit more searching online for information concerning grants.

      Peace and Blessings

  65. T.D. Niles says:

    I am trying to transition my resale business to nonprofit to assist with scholarship and job training. Will either kit help me.

    • Hello Niles,

      Sample Kit for a CDC will be a good fit. It has descriptions for scholarship and job training.
      You will need to customize the kit for your resale business. Quite frankly, the resale business is not straight forward.
      Most resale shops are for-profit businesses (as yours currently is). You may need to seek professional advice to help you make sure you structure this activity to qualify as a non-profit activity.

      Belinda Whitfield

  66. Pastor Larry says:

    We have a food minstry that delivers food to the elderly and disabled. We also hold religious services in 5 elderlynapt complexes and I perform funerals , marriages, counseling and home and hospital visits as well as advocacy for them. Wouldnthen CDC module work?

    • Hello Pas. Larry,

      Sorry for the delay. This is a busy week for us (W-2 and 1099 deadlines). Yes the CDC Module will be good for you.
      After your purchase, be sure to ask me for the wording for the funerals, marriages, counseling and home and hospital visits.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  67. Kellie W says:

    Hello Belinda,

    I lost my original e-mail to you trying to do a million things at once. Nevertheless, I am the founder of a 6month up and running non profit organization in NJ, that service single mother’s and their children through clothes/coat drives, feeding the homeless at local shelters and community activities that I have volunteer in for past 15 years.

    The organizations’ long term goal is to purchase property for a “Resource Center” that will conduct {counseling, parenting skill, mentoring, feeding the homeless and temporary shelter for women and their children} Should I order the CDC kit or ??? When I downloaded the application I became more anxious, please help. I have also reached out to many and got the run around along with some outrageous fees, please help!!!

    I have registered the organization, obtained the EIN, opened a bank account, and hosted our first benefit dinner and to God be the glory it was a success!

    Thank you
    Kellie W

    • Hi Kellie,

      Thanks for sharing information about your organization. Between your website and the corporate paperwork you’ve done so far, you’re off to a good start.

      The Sample 501c3 Application Kit for a CDC is a perfect choice for you. It’s packed with a lot of community activities including the shelter/transitional program.

      Keep up the good work!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  68. Jill Jackson says:

    Testimony time, Our church had been trying to get a 501c3 since 2010 paid two different people to do it. They charge the church but never filed any paper or presented any papers. So I decided to try, I ordered the sample kit, and Ms Whitfield has put it together so nicely very easy to follow I have never done this before and I also learned a lot of new legal words Lol. I read it then set out to critic it to my churches needs took about a week in my spare time. We mailed it on Dec 17, 2013 got a Letter stating they had received it in about 2wks. and today Feb 7, 2014 can somebody say today, we got the approval for the 501c3 not even a full two months. Everybody said 6mo. to a year because they were bagged up. I just want to say thank you Ms. Whitfield for using your God given Talent to put these kits together to help us. God bless you. We will be getting another one for Our Transitional home soon.

    Jill Jackson

  69. Tina Sanders says:

    Do you have samples for helping low income teachers, educational services or just meeting the needs of small day care centers?

    I absolutely love what you’re doing to help business succeed using Christian values and principles. You’re doing a remarkable work for the kingdom of God. I would like more information on the kind of services you provide because I am putting together and creating my 501 C (3) Plan now and definitely could use a bit of help from your company, whose trusted values are founded upon the Word of God. Thank you in advance for your response and info.

    God Bless you,
    Tina Sanders

    • Hello Tina,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I would recommend our 501c3 Kit for CDC. While this kit is packed with extras that you probably won’t need, it does include the description for day care programming. If you’re offering educational programs in the form of seminars and workshops, you may customize our life skills workshops to help format your write-up for your seminars and workshops.

      I hope this helps!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  70. Paul Smith says:

    I am working with an organization to develop a STEM school for girls in Africa but want to be a US 501c3 to raise funds. Do you have a kit that can help?

    • Hello Paul,

      Please accept my apologies for the delay. We’ve been quite busy with meeting tax deadlines for our clients.
      If you’re still interested, the foreign missions kit should work fine for you. You’ll need to customize the types of projects you plan to fund for your planned initiatives.

      Give me a call at (630)759-6900 ext. 710 if I can be of further assistance.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  71. Gristone Simfukwe Kapembwa says:

    Hello Belinda,
    We are online now. We have ordered the form using visa card just now from Zambia under vikimo suppliers. We havent seen the form which we have ordered and have paid using Visa card. If the e-mail is bouncing please or Please it is urgent. Kindly send it soonest.

    Gristone, Leonard & Regis
    Lusaka Zambia.

    10th May 2016

  72. Chatiera J Ray says:

    I am looking to making my Performing Arts Organization a Nonprofit, Do you have any products.forms for that?

    • Hi Chatiera,
      I would recommend you purchase the Sample Kit for the Community Development Corporation to start with. This will help you with completing the majority of the application.
      Reach out to me by email after you’ve made your purchase and I will share a sample narrative we did for a performing arts organization.
      The CDC kit will have the narrative for additional community programs you may want to consider.


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