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Our 501c3 application service includes not only your 501c3 application, but all your business registration documents for the IRS and for your state.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparing Your Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparing your Articles of Amendment (for existing corporations) to make them 501(c)3 compliant.
  • Obtain Your Federal Taxpayer ID #.
  • Preparing your Bylaws
  • Sample Board Meeting Minutes
  • Important Board Resolutions & Corporate Policies.
  • Serve as Power of Attorney.
  • Prepare a written response to the IRS for their first inquiry.
  • Prepare your State Business Tax Registration Documents.
  • Prepare your Charitable Registration Documents for your state of incorporation.

Our 100% Success Rate Speaks for Itself.

All of our 501c3 applications have been approved by the IRS.  We know what the IRS is looking for. 99.9% of our applications have gone through the IRS system and have been approved with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organizations qualify for 501c3 status?

The most common types of 501c3 organizations include churches, nursery schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Four H clubs, Community Chest, Parent Teacher Associations, Heart funds, tuberculosis societies, societies for crippled children and adults, muscular dystrophy associations, multiple sclerosis societies, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, Little Leagues and similar organizations, Symphonies, orchestras, bands, glee clubs, choruses, libraries, civic improvement associations.

How much extra should we budget for fees assessed by government agencies?

You should budget $50 – $100 for your articles of incorporation or articles of amendment. Allow an additional $100 if you require expedited services. If your organization plans to receive less than $10,000 per year over the next four years, you should budget $400 for IRS processing fees. If your organization plans to receive more monies, then you should budget $850 for the IRS processing fees.

What is your Refund Policy?

Whether you pay in full upfront or in installments, a consulting fee of $425 to set-up and commence the first phase of the project is non-refundable. Once you are on the second phase of the project, we will refund $325 for the third phase of our services, if you paid in full or have paid all three installments.  Once you are on the third phase of the project, we will not issue a refund. 

Do I Need All My Papers In Order Before Starting The Project

Not at all! We expect you're starting totally from scratch.

All that we ask is that you choose a name for the organization, select at least 3 board members and have a vision of your planned programs and activities.

We'll hold your hand through the process and take care of all the IRS techie stuff for you.

How long does this process take?

Our goal is to complete your project within 2 weeks for existing organizations and within 6 weeks for new organizations.

For new organizations, it takes most states about a month to process your Articles of Incorporation.
We’d like to use that time to get all the other paperwork taken care of, so that when your Articles are approved, we only need to obtain your tax id # and finalize the application.

How long does the IRS take to review our application?

We cannot guarantee how long it will take for the IRS to process your application.  Once your application is submitted, you should receive a response within 120 days.  In most of our cases, we have received IRS responses within four to six weeks. In cases where the IRS has requested additional information, we’ve received a favorable reply within one to two weeks of submitting our response.

Client Responsibilities

Assign a Contact Person - We would like to have a contact person within the company who is knowledgeable about the affairs of the organization.  This person would be responsible for submitting all the required information to our 501c3 Online Processing Center.  This person should be proficient with downloading documents from the internet, saving and opening email attachments, and attaching documents to email messages.

Internet Access & Email Account - In order to expedite the delivery of documents, we require the client to have access to the internet, Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free of charge at ) and an email account.

Mail service is available upon request. An additional fee of $50 will be required to cover the additional costs of assembling documents, instructions, etc. for mail delivery.

Financial Information - The client will be responsible for providing financial statements for up to four years and/or a two-year budget.  As we review the organization's financials, additional detailed information may be requested.

List of Assets - The client must provide a list of assets, purchase price, and dates purchased for all assets the organization owns.

Payment of Fees - The client is responsible for payment of fees in a timely manner. Full payment must be received before we submit the final application.

Submission of Documents in a Timely Manner - The client is responsible for submitting the required documents within a timely manner. We expect that the project will be completed within 70 days, if you choose our installment payment plan. However, if the client abandons the project and does not respond to our requests for information after 90 days, the project will be terminated.

57 responses to “501c3 Application Service”

  1. nicole smith says:

    hi so what are your price to do the church setup

    • Hi Nicole,

      The fee is $[modified since comment was posted].
      You may pay in 3 monthly installments of $[modified since comment was posted] each (includes a $5 administrative fee).

      If you’d like to get more information be sure to watch the video for more details.

      There’s a link below the video to download the form to start your project.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  2. George Darby says:

    Belinda, Great presentation of your services.

    I am interested in a sample (template) for the #1023 form submission.

    The New Jerusalem Bible College & Seminary has just received accreditation (SCHED) here in Virginia Beach Virginia. I am currently the Finance Manager and is responsible for the 501(c) exemption for the school. I have the #1023 form and directions to complete it. But your site caught my attention.

    How can you assist?

    Thanks…George Darby

    • Hello George,

      Your application will be somewhat complex and I don’t have any samples for you to follow.

      Here are a few tips for you:
      1. I suggest seeking the services of a non-profit attorney to look over your application before you submit it.
      If you can’t find an attorney in your area check out Micheal Mosher at

      2. The IRS recently required colleges and universities to complete a 33 page Compliance Questionnaire.
      I’m sure there will be related Form 1023 follow-up questions to applicants taken from the questionnaire.
      For more insight, check out:,,id=186865,00.html

      3. Here’s another resource for items the IRS agent will review for applications from private schools. Check out section
      I imagine they would want similar information for colleges and universities.

      I hope this helps!

  3. Lezlie Rutty says:

    Hi Belinda,

    Your presentation is excellent!

    I am interested in starting a Music, Arts and Nutrition non-profit organization for children ages 5 to 16. When I grew up, we had the privilege of participating in a number of music and arts programs. These programs helped with my academic success. As we grow as a nation, I find that children are not offered in the same privileges. As such, I would like to offer a music and arts program for the children in my community and surrounding areas. I plan to offer a nutrition program, which provides children with the means of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet – coupled with dance I believe we can fight childhood obesity.

    My Pastor has offered for me to use a vacant building, that is currently on the church premises. I would pay rent and the church would also benefit from this organization.

    Having said all that, I would like to know if any of the kits offered on your site would be beneficial to me and my goal. Would it be a good idea to partner with my church on this venture? Please let me know your thoughts!

    What is the cost for completing the necessary paper for me to obtain a 501c3?

    Thanking you in advance for your response.

    Gpd bless.

  4. TWIS says:

    Looking for example of 501c3 for non profit private school do you have one. I used your church example and get IRS exemption in less than 90 days.

  5. Michael Collins says:


    I would like to apply for a 501c3 for an Economic Opportunity Center – Faith Based Ministry of the Marketplace.

    Three Focus Areas-
    Developing Relevant and Stable Jobs through God’s design for Business
    1. Job Creation and Micro enterprise
    2. Job readiness and outplacement

    Building strong traditional Families
    1. Marital Counseling/Pre-marital
    2. Parent training
    3. Fatherhood training
    4. Rising Stars for Children

    Financial Planning/Debt Elimination
    1. Tax preparedness
    2. Getting from debt to a cash life

    Assisting NPO’s with developing administrative excellence
    1. Value stream Mapping and Opportunity analyses
    2. Measuring results and accountability
    3. Business management God’s way

    Some of the business ventures will be established as co-ops to generate revenue for the NPO to become self-sustaining in 10 years. Profit from any business owned by the NPO will go back to the NPO for financial support

    • Hello Michael,

      What a wonderful vision. Most of your efforts fall within the 501c3 code.

      The sample kit for outreach ministries or either one of the transitional living programs would be a good example for you to use as a guide.
      You can follow our sample narratives as a guide to describe your “Assisting NPO’s …” project.
      You’ll want to really be careful how that one’s worded as it could be perceived as for-profit consulting services.

      You’ll want to do some strategic planning with a non-profit attorney as you start to incorporate the business ventures.


  6. Tonya, Indiana says:

    Hi Belinda, I am in the process of starting a ministry (church) and I wanted to know if the 501c3 I do now will cover my transitional/haven housing program for women… I list this as a program under the same application or 2. will it go under a separate filing?

    I was thinking to use your church sample application.

    thank you.

  7. Joi Norris says:

    Hi, Belinda. I’m so glad I “found” your website! As part of your application service do you determine if the name of the ministry/church I would like to use is available in my state or do I have to know that before I have you begin the application process for me?

  8. christopher sanchez says:

    i am looking to start a non-profit organiztion and ineed help here are my questions. #1 i am on prole can i still start the application prosses. #2 does it relly cost money to get the applaction or is there any way i can do it for free. #3 When i am writing my perposel how specifc do i have to be #4 can i ask for a donations to start up the prosses please let me know because i am looking for help to make a chang

    • Hello Christopher,

      Below are my responses to your questions:

      #1 – Yes you can start the process. The state may require you to disclose the nature of your past when you apply with the state for approval to solicit donations.

      #2 – Yes it costs money. The IRS will charge up to $850 to review your application.

      #3 – What proposal? Are you referring to the programs and activities in response to Form 1023?
      If you are referring to a proposal to get hire me to do the 501c3 application, I don’t need a proposal.
      Just download the form from my website at

      #4 – You must be incorporated and registered within the state to solicit donations.

      I hope this helps.

      Peace and Blessings,

  9. Otis BUrns says:

    Hi Belinda, question I had our ministries 501c(3) prepared my an organization I was refered to by a very good friend. It has been (3) months and we have not filed the 501c(3) at this time. Though I am appreciative for the work that was done to complete the forms. I would like to know if your firm could review and make all necessarry changes needed. We are committed to signing up for the Fiscal Fitness Plan for church in August.

  10. Bobby Johnson says:

    I would like to open up a youth center to offer after school and vacation time programs to needy children in Dallas Tx. It will offer a positive atmosphere of learning and nutritional meals, activities for the upliftment of self. I ran across your video maybe you can guide me or point me in the right direction.

  11. Hello there,
    We are in desparate help for filing our tax exempt form 1023. My wife and I have tried so many things to get the paperwork done and we just can’t get it right. Our passion to help less fortunate kids in Africa is burning for help and we have so many people willing to help us build a school for kids but they need an approved tax exempt status. Please advise. We don’t have too much money but we can fundraise a few dollars for somebody willing to help us. Thank you. All The Glory Goes To God!

    • Hello Morgan,

      If funds are tight, you should consider the do it yourself route.
      My sample 501c3 kits provide a template for you to use as a guide.
      This could save you quite a bit on professional consulting fees.
      And a lot of people do this successfully on their own.
      You just have to be comfortable with the paperwork.

      If that’s not you, God knows what resources you will need to fulfill His vision.
      Where God guides, He provides.


  12. Todd Gowin says:

    We are launching a new Christian Sports Ministry. Do you have and templates that are para-church organization could use as guideline? We have incorporated in the state of Washington. Now need to file for the 501c3 status.

    • Hello Todd,

      You may want to use the sample kit for Outreach Ministries.
      You will need to do some customizing to describe your specific activities.
      You can follow my samples to see how much detail to include and how to address a lot of the other questions on the Form 1023.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  13. Kiru Ross says:

    Hello Ms. Whitfield,

    I am interested in starting a non profit preschool in NJ targeting low to middle income families. It is not affiliated with a church. Do you think your company would be able to assist me?

    • Hello Kiru,

      Sorry for the delayed response, as God has me on a special assignment to serve as CEO/President of Covenant Bank for the next 6 months.

      I’m currently not taking any new 501c3 clients as this is my busy season for Whitfield & Associates (with year end reporting and tax returns).

      I wish I could be of more assistance to you. But contact me after 5/15 if you’ve not moved forward with your project by then.
      Belinda Whitfield

  14. Bell says:

    I am interested in starting a NPO community development corporation, i need Help!

  15. Good morning,

    I would like to know when you will begin taking new clients? Our ministry is in need of getting our 501c3.
    I just checked your website under 501c3 tab and see the statement ‘your not taking new clients at this time ………..’

  16. James says:


    I found you via Youtube a moment ago. I’m interested in learning more about obtaining a 501C3. I’m not interested in the church arena, however, I’m looking into starting a 501c3 that deals with the youth and ex-felons – in relation to providing services such as computer classes , free Internet usage, employment assistance for ex-felons, professional clothing for ex-felons to wear for the purpose of job interviewing, etc. I’d like to initially discuss the viability in pursuing such a cause in the non-profit world. My number is 313-402-0234. Thanks!

  17. Terry says:

    Dear Ms. Whitfield:

    My husband and I have a church in the U.S. Virgin Islands that is already 501c 3 approved. We have been in ministry now for 15 years. My husband and I would like to establish our own ministries. For example: I have a music ministry along with speaking engagements and book writing and my husband has speaking engagement and messages on DVD and CD I ran across your website. Are we both able to start our own ministries and can you assist us.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Terry,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      Yes we can assist you. If you haven’t contacted us by phone or email yet, please do so.
      I’m looking forward to helping you.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Belinda Whitfield

  18. I am Dr. Wilson with the United States Small Business Development Corporation. I feel your services are in great demand however, I need to speak with you. If possible, please contact me at 888-404-3314. I would love to partner and share dialog. I have multiple clients in waiting.

  19. Kinya says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I’m so grateful I stumbled across this information you have provided. I have a question, if I already have a EIN for a sole proprietor business, which is my jewelry business, do I need to apply for another EIN to begin the process of getting a 501c3?? I would like to start a non-profit org for battered women. So I just wanted to know if I could or should have separate EIN numbers for my 2 businesses. I will also be soon checking out your sample for outreach ministry… God bless you for even sharing this info in addition to consulting.


  20. Glen Guy says:

    We’re a traveling gospel music ministry based out of Alaska. We are a full time free will ministry and need a 501c3. Right now we pay taxes on all we receive and are currently licensed as a small business in Alaska. We would like you to set us up as a non-profit if possible. Contact us through email and then we can go from there.
    Thank You
    G.E. Guy

  21. Viktoria says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I would like to get a 501 (c)(3) for my dance ministry with multiple (school, selling personal logo dance items, seminars)? Could you recommend what steps I need to take get this accomplish? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Victoria,

      Sure, I’ve put together an article that outlines 5 steps to get your 501c3.

      You should find the article helpful in outlining the overall process.

      You may need to be strategic about writing your narrative so that your
      organization does not come across as a for-profit organization.
      We have helped our 501c3 professional service clients work through similar issues.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  22. Marjorie says:

    Do you have a questionnaire sample to get started for a non profit church start up with 501c3 app? Then I will purchase the 501c3 because I believe I can do this I can do from step 1 to 4. but need help with the others and this seems like an awesome tool to use!!! Further can you use the download for more than one entity?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Marjorie,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Our questionnaires are only for our 501c3 clients.
      I really don’t think they can be of any assistance in completing the 501c3 application.

      Our sample 501c3 kits have all the answers to the Form 1023 questions.
      Yes, you may complete as many 501c3 applications as you want using the kit.

      I hope this helps.
      Belinda Whitfield

  23. Deborah says:

    Hi Ms. Whitfield

    I am trying to do our church 501c3 forms, we are a new church and we don’t have the money for your samples. Is there another website I can go to for this information? I would greatly appreciate your help this is our first year and we are a very small church.

    Be Bless

    • Hello Deborah,

      You may want to check out my blog article: 5 Steps to Get Your 501c3.

      Do steps 1 through 4 and you’re good to go. When God provides the resources, be sure to move on to Step 5.
      You can operate as a church and not apply for the 501c3. You just won’t have the official letter from the IRS.

      But I do encourage you to get it done in the early stages. You never know when a contributor may want to see that letter before making a significant donation to your church.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  24. Chris says:

    We have run a ministry for a while as spread peace usa. Now we would like to become a church.
    We have not incorporated yet. Its Nevada and the articles are minimal so should I do the corp and set up the bank account and than hire you to do the 501c3 (the one you do for me, LOL). Or is there something I might mess up. As Im sure you know all they ask for is the officers names and location.
    Please advise or feel free to call me.

    • Hello Chris,

      If you are considering using our 501c3 Done For You services, please don’t file your articles of incorporation.
      This will be Done for You :-)! We don’t want you to have to do any of that technical stuff.

      We will send you the NV articles in a PDF file and tell you where to sign, date and mail the form to get incorporated.
      We will make sure the language the IRS wants to see is in your articles.

      I’m so looking forward to getting all this stuff done for you!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  25. Chris says:

    Please callme want to talk on the phone real quick before completing order 🙂

  26. Cyndi says:

    Hi Belinda,

    So glad I stumbled across this site. I am in the process of moving our from christian counseling / coaching under my church to counseling in a private setting. Would a 501c3 or a LLC be the best way to establish the ministry? I have received convicting advise and very much appreciate your input.

    Many Thanks and Blessings,

    • Hi Cyndi,

      Thank you for your inquiry (and for liking my FB page – kudos to you)!

      Great question. It all depends on whether you would like to receive contributions and grants as a source of income. If so, the 501c3 would be the best pick.
      If you believe individuals will be willing and financially able to pay your fee and you’d like unlimited personal income potential, then a for-profit would be best.

      One other thing to consider – Pray about it! God will give you the perfect plan and a perfect peace about it.
      Follow His divine steps and you can’t go wrong.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  27. Michael says:

    I am starting a life coaching practice. Do you have a template for this form of business?

    • Hello Michael,

      If your plans are to structure your life coaching practice to that of a non-profit, you’ll want to choose our kit for a CDC. While this kit is loaded with lots of extra programs you probably won’t need, you can use the narrative for our life skills workshops to help provide the framework for your life coaching services.

      As you go through our narrative template, identify a few other charitable and educational programs and activities you see your organization conducting over the next 5 years. This will help strengthen your case for being a non-profit and get your 501c3 application approved.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  28. Jared Baker says:


    We are a nonprofit Christian organization that is a traveling teaching team. We go around to other organizations or churches and teach the biblical concepts of disciple making. We have not incurred any expenses or income yet. Is there a template available for such an organization?

    Jared (and yes, this is Jared from Church on the Rock Homer)

  29. Chris says:


    We have been a church for over 10 years. We just found out we need a 501c3 determination letter in order to meet the conditions of a visa application for a potential employee. We have all the documentation, by-laws, articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, financial records etc. etc.

    Do you still charge the full $1175 to complete the 501c3 application to the IRS since we aren’t starting from zero?



    • Hello Chris,

      Sorry for the delayed response. We have numerous tax deadlines this month.

      You asked a very good question, and at one point we seriously considered offering a discount for existing organizations. During our assessment we found that while we may not need to prepare the articles of incorporation and bylaws for existing organizations, we may have to file an amendment to the articles if they are not 501c3 compliant. We have found that interpreting and adding the financial data for an existing organization tends to require more work than with newer organizations. Typically, this far exceeds the time saved with the Articles of Incorporation.

      The bottom line: The time we may have saved on the articles is usually used on another component of the project. So our fee is the same for new and existing organizations.

      Please let me know if you should have any additional questions.

      Thanks so much!
      Belinda Whitfield

  30. Carsen says:

    How much is the total cost for the completion of the Form 1023? All fees included?

  31. AAO says:

    Will your 501c3 application kit work for group exemption applications?

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