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We’ll help you get your finances in order, so you
can deliver accurate reports on demand.
Concerned About Finances and IRS Compliance?
  • Are you trying to keep track of your finances in Excel?
  • Are you confused about IRS requirements for churches and non-profits?
  • Are you trying to get finances ready for a bank loan or grant application?
  • Are you concerned about making a mistake and getting in trouble with the IRS?
How can anyone keep up with all this stuff?
Let’s Get Your Finances in Order
We’ll help you get organized, 
get in compliance and 
get control of your finances.
We’ll hold your hand through this

Here's How We'll Get This Done...


We’ll set-up your books and payroll system.
We’ll train your administrative staff or volunteer on basic bookkeeping tasks.
We’ll discuss and resolve any current compliance issues.

Monitor Your Books

We’ll perform quarterly financial check-ups to monitor your books.
We’ll prepare quarterly and year end payroll returns.
We’ll perform compliance assessments throughout the year.

Tax Reporting

We’ll prepare quarterly and year end payroll returns.


We’ll hold your hand through this process.
We’ll provide on-going support to your administrative staff or volunteer.
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Let’s Get Your Finances In Order...Schedule an Appointment
We help churches and non-profits get organized, get in compliance and get control of their finances.
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