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Don’t throw away your bank and credit card statements.

OMG! I’ve seen this one too many times.  Here’s the scenario.  The pastor or other board member receives all the monthly bank statements and credit card statements.  They look over the statements, everything looks good, no errors, no fraudulent transactions.  What next?  They throw the statement away or better yet, they shred the statement.  Why […]

IRS planned to lower fees from $850 to $200

IRS planned to lower fees from $850 to $200 for 501c3 application fees this year. Plans delayed till who knows when. They are not saying. Still you may be scratching your head and wondering when did the fees jump to $850?  User fees increased for all 1023 returns filed after January 4, 2010. Organizations with […]

Remember to keep personal fina…

Remember to keep personal finances separate from the church/ministry. Otherwise it will catch up with you some day.

Did your church/ministry board…

Did your church/ministry board approve your last pay raise? Or those paychecks you’ve been writing to yourself? Uh Oh!

Did you start a 501c3 a few years ago?

Did you start a 501c3 a few years ago and never filed an annual report with the IRS? Don’t lose your 501c3 Status. Many small not-for-profit organizations are in jeopardy of losing their 501c3 status due to recent regulations requiring organizations to file form 990N online. In the past most organizations with annual revenues under […]