I am excited about learning how to organize my church files. Sumona W.

CF101-Organization and File Mgmt

Protect Your Ministry
by Getting Your Files in Order!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to organize your office to work more efficiently.
  • What documents you should keep and how long to keep them.
  • How to properly document deposits.
  • How to organize bank statements, returned contributions and payroll files.
  • How to setup and maintain contract files and corporate documents.

I saw your video for “tips for Church bookkeepers” and clicked on the link and was surprised someone came up with a course for free online. I am really pleased. Thanks, I will show this to my Pastor and so we can get on track. Praise the Lord Jesus for this. Melissa B.

CF101-Internal Controls

Protect Your Ministry
with Better Policies and Procedures!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to control contributions with better checks and balances.
  • How to control and account for monies placed at the altar.
  • How to control expenses, purchases and credit card transactions.
  • How to properly manage petty cash and expenses accounts.
  • How to establish guidelines for benevolence.
  • How to control expenses for helps ministries and auxiliaries.
  • How to control check advances and keep track of receipts and returned monies.
  • When you should open separate bank accounts and how to manage them.

You’ll Also Get Access to These Customizable Templates:

Policies and Procedures (MS Word)

  • Accounting Department Policies and Procedures for Churches
  • Accounting Policies and Procedures for Ministries
  • Policies and Procedures for Staff and Volunteers

Sample Forms (MS Word and MS Excel)

  • Annual Lease Value
  • Benevolence Policy
  • Benevolence Request Form
  • Bookkeeper Job Description
  • Credit Card Acceptance Agreement
  • Employee Use of Vehicle Form
  • Employee Use of Vehicle Instructions
  • Expense Advance Agreement
  • Mileage Report
  • Ministry Program Budget
  • Miscellaneous Deposit Form
  • Miscellaneous Tally Sheet
  • Offerings Report
  • Petty Cash Report
  • Property Issued to Employee
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Sign Out Sheet
  • Special Events Budget
  • Travel Authorization Form

Thank you for the helpful information I am a new pastor getting ready to start a church. Paper work has been done and approved but i wanted to make sure i set things up correctly. I’ve seen so many churches set up and they are a HOT Mess… I did not want to follow in any of their foot steps. ” As my grand mother alway said….” If you start out the right than you will end up right.” thanks!!!!!! Judy J.

CF101-Payroll Management

Get in Compliance
with Proper Payroll Reporting!

You’ll Learn:

  • Which forms you should request from new employees and ministers.
  • How to comply with federal guidelines for hiring new employees.
  • What a housing allowance is, what expenses can be included, and how to properly document them.
  • How to comply with federal regulations concerning minimum wage and overtime pay.
  • How to properly withhold taxes for ministers on staff.
  • How to make payroll tax deposits fast and easy.
  • How to identify fringe benefits that must be reported on the W-2.
  • How to properly report the Pastor’s personal use of the church’s vehicle.

Thank God and all of you! For the vision and for the wisdom to be a part of helping us in the body of Christ gain a little more knowledge of how to do things excellent for God, His ministries and churches. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Jeannie S.

CF101-IRS and State Reporting

Get in Compliance
with Government Regulations!

You’ll Learn:

  • Which federal, state agencies your ministry must register with.
  • Which documents the IRS requires you to make for public inspection.
  • Which annual returns must be filed, and their due dates.
  • How to avoid the most common errors on annual contribution statements.
  • How to comply with 1099 reporting requirements.
  • How to legally report love gifts to volunteers and ministers.

This course is an answer to my prayer! I am really excited to get started to learn how to get our 150 year old church on the right path. Thanks a million. Andrea M.

CF101-Bookkeeping Basics

Get an Understanding
of Basic Accounting Principles
and Financial Reporting!

You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between assets, liabilities and other account types.
  • How to choose the right type of account when adding new accounts to your accounting system.
  • Everything you need to know about Balance Sheets, Income Statements and what they mean.
  • Everything you need to know about debits and credits
  • How to review your financial reports and easily spot errors.