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I have the best job in the world God called me to have the best job in the world – to help people like you, who are destined for greatness, build their ministries.

What I do I empower churches and ministries throughout the country to take charge of their finances. My job is to “clean house” by helping ministries get organized, get in compliance and get control of their finances. With my help, churches are able to eliminate redundancies in their workload, know exactly where their finances stand at all times, and keep everything organized so that, when God puts an opportunity in their path, everything needed to make that dream a reality is ready at a moment’s notice.

My Story Dr. Bill Winston, the pastor of my church (now 20,000+ members), called me back in 1995 and asked me to look over my church’s books. Once thing led to another, and I ended up building a framework for the church accounting department from scratch. I took them from handwritten checks and reports to an integrated computer-based system that keeps the books reconciled and current. When God sent us the opportunity to purchase a piece of property, all the documents were ready in just a few days because of the new system, and our loan was approved!

Today, my work with Whitfield & Associates gives me great pleasure as I get to help other churches and ministries prosper like my home church. I am an active member of the Illinois CPA Society and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Featured in Called Magazine - Finance Editor

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