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[Q & A] Tax Breaks for Ministers With No Housing Allowance?

[Q & A] Tax Breaks for Ministers With No Housing Allowance?
April 14, 2021 | by BELINDA WHITFIELD,

Find out whether there are any housing related tax breaks available to a minister that doesn’t receive a housing allowance.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Belinda Whitfield and today is open Q&A day and I’m taking a question from my inbox and the questions is:

Currently, I do not receive any compensation from the ministry [apparently, this is a pastor] are there any housing allowance related items or expenses that we incur that can be written off on our taxes?

Well, if you are not receiving a housing allowance, that’s not a good thing for you. But in any event, you can still take the normal tax deductions that homeowners can take. You can claim a tax deduction for your mortgage interest that you are paying and as well as your property taxes on your home. You can claim those deductions on Schedule A of your tax return.

If you still have any questions, visit my website at Just go to my contact us page and submit your questions. Thank you so much and have a great day.


Belinda Whitfield is a certified public accountant that specializes in serving churches and non-profit organizations. Through her firm, Whitfield & Associates, she provides tax services, accounting and compliance oversight and strategic planning for churches and non-profits throughout the United States.

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