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Sample 501c3 Application for Outreach Ministries

Includes Form 1023 with 80% completed and core sample kit document templates plus sample narrative description of activities for bible study, prayer meetings, retreats and conferences, street witnessing, prison, hospital & nursing home visitations, speaking engagements, food and clothing distribution and so much more!

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Actual 501c3 Application

Get your hands on an actual 501c3 application with all the attachments that was submitted to the IRS and approved.

Narrative Description of Activities

Time-saving templates with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities.

Responses to Form 1023 Questions

Easily answer confusing questions on Form 1023 that require a detailed explanation with our templates.

Stuff the IRS

Will Ask For

We just know the IRS is going to ask for stuff that's not in the Form 1023 instructions.

Bylaws Template

Customize to your needs or use it as a tool to review your own for formatting and completeness.

Financials and Budget Templates

Follow our layout in MS Excel to prepare your budget and supporting worksheet.

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Writing Your Narrative Just Got 10 times Easier!

Customizing Your Narrative Description of Programs and Activities Couldn't Be Easier

Each kit contains an MSWord file with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities for the type of organization included in the kit. Most of these activities are charitable, educational and religious in nature. You will find some activities may be similar to your organization and some that are not. If you’re giving away something, teaching something or conducting religious activities, you can use our templates as a guide to help you describe your organization’s planned activities.

Example:  The kit may have descriptions for food distribution or clothing distribution to homeless people; but your organization is giving away backpacks filled with school supplies to children in low-income areas. You will change the wording and the target group to adapt the description to your organization.

Here's Another Example:  We have a transitional living program kits for Ex-offenders; and another kit for Women. You plan to target runaway teens. You will change the wording for the target group.

Use our template as a guide to get an understanding of what type of information and just how much information you can include in the description. You should not expect that all your intended programs and activities will be included in our kit as no two organizations are exactly alike.

More Rave Reviews!

Hello Ms.  Whitfield,

Love Without Borders purchased your kit and in five short months, after submitting the application we are Approved!!!   I believed this was a God move. In browsing the Internet looking for information on how to complete the 501c3 application. The Lord led me to your website. I read the blogs and signed up. Weeks later I purchased the " [sample] kit" and the rest is history.

I know that you have hundreds- thousands of people like myself, who are thanking you for equipping them with information,  but you don't understand what this approval has done for me. There's nothing impossible, when God says do it! I did and He worked it out...

I am so overwhelmed. We are ready and able to do great things for the Kingdom of God - God's love will be exemplified through us! Thank you so much! We could not have done this without you. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you in all that you do, for you are truly making a difference in the lives of people.


- Kelly Williams, Love Without Borders

This kit has been a big help. The example of the completed form was just what I needed!

- Laura L.

The package of documents were very complete and comprehensive. All of the information was logically ordered, I was very pleased.

- Gregg Chase

Testimony time, Our church had been trying to get a 501c3 since 2010 paid two different people to do it. They charge the church but never filed any paper or presented any papers. So I decided to try, I ordered the sample kit, and Ms Whitfield has put it together so nicely very easy to follow I have never done this before and I also learned a lot of new legal words Lol.

I read it then set out to [customize] it to my churches needs took about a week in my spare time. We mailed it on Dec 17, 2013 got a Letter stating they had received it in about 2wks. and today Feb 7, 2014 can somebody say today, we got the approval for the 501c3 not even a full two months. Everybody said 6mo. to a year because they were [backed] up. I just want to say thank you Ms. Whitfield for using your God given talent to put these kits together to help us. God bless you. We will be getting another one for Our Transitional home soon.

- Jill Jackson, Kingdom Minded Ministries

The 501 c 3 Kit that I purchased was wonderful. It meant a lot to me that I could use it and understand what I was doing. I highly recommend this to anyone. I could not have completed the kit without Belinda's assistance. At first I thought it was an online scam. So I dialed the number, she answered and asked how could she bless me today. I knew from that point, she was legitimate. I submitted my Kit to the IRS in Oct., 2014, I was informed by IRS that I should be receiving my non profit certification by the end of Feb., 2015.

The 501 c 3 package was wonderful. If you are not sure what you are doing that is the only way to go. I could not have completed the package with Ms Whitfield's help. I cannot thank you enough. I purchased the package in October of 2014. I am happy to say I have received my certification.

I thank God for her as she blesses others. I cannot stress enough how much having that kit meant to me. Thanks Belinda!

- Phyllis Johnson, The MJ Allen Adult Center, Inc.

81 responses to “Sample 501c3 Application For Outreach Ministries”

  1. Tina Watts says:

    Hello I need to know if we offer many programs can they all fall under one package?

    • Hi Tina,

      I think I replied by email. Not sure. Any who, I figured someone else may have the same question.
      Yes, your 501c3 application can include many programs. But I generally try to keep 501c3’s for religious programs separate from community type programs.
      This may help you qualify for government grants and other grants if the agency is concerned about supporting religious activities and affiliations.

      If one of my sample 501c3 application kits appears to be a good fit for your organization, but you’d like to include programs and activities from another kit, let me know. I can provide sample narrative descriptions for the various programs. But some kits have special attachments that are only available in those kits (specifically, the daycare and transitional living facilities sample 501c3 kits).


  2. I am surprised that a ministry would charge to help children. This is typical of the U.S. it is not about helping children it is about what is in it for me. I realize there are cost associated however children have no financial resources and we have given everything we have and still cannot fund the IRS $400 fee. We simply need help to complete the forms free of charge as an in kind gift for the children of America. Is your agency willing to help rather than keep taking from the precious resources left to help America’s children secure safe warm housing over the winter? To find food as sustinance. There are more than 33 million children in the United States living at or below poverty won’t you give your $[omitted] fee and help us to complete our 501 (c) (3) application?

    • Hello Cynthia,

      Who’s charging to help children?

      If you are referring to the start-up costs for you to set-up a new ministry, yes, there are fees involved because someone has to spend time, money and other resources to provide those services.
      The fees are not to charge to help children, but to help you, the founder, in the process of seeing your vision come to pass.

      Everyone of my clients has a mission to spread the Gospel and/or to help people that are in need some way or another.
      I embrace their vision and pray for full manifestation of the impact it will have on others and our world.

      My ministry, while for-profit, is to help further the Gospel, by providing excellent service and resources at a reasonable price; and in most cases less than what you would pay other professionals.
      Surely, there’s always someone else offering services lower than mine. So, I’m not claiming to be at “rock-bottom”.

      It would be unfair for me to pick and choose which organizations or causes pay for my products and services and which ones do not.
      As they are all worthy causes.

      Dig a little deeper and do a little more searching on the internet and amongst your professional network.
      Maybe you’ll find a non-profit organization with a purpose to set-up ministries at no cost; or a professional that’s willing to volunteer their time and resources for your cause.

      Remember, where God guides, He provides. I pray for your success!

      • Needless to say I have never heard of a church or charity in business for profit?

        This presents false impressions for consumers. It would behove you to identify your business and refrain from using christian principals regarding chrity when chairity is free not for profit.

        • Pamela Norris says:

          Hi Cynthia:

          In the state of Ohio, Churches are no longer incorporated as Churches, but as either for profit or non-profit corporations. Grand Canyon University is a For Profit Christian University. It is not uncommon nor has a false representation been given. One thing I have learned, is just because I am not familiar with something, doesn’t mean it does not exist.

          Miracles & Blessing to You

      • Scott Barnet says:


        Wonderful answer regarding Cynthia Jones’ statement. God does provide for where He guides.

        We are not a client of your yet but soon we will be. If not for full services at least for a Sample

        501(c)(3) application.

        Scott Barnet

  3. S. Shepard says:

    First let me thank you for what you do to help forward the Gospel and Ministries. I was wondering if you have a sample of a 501c3 for a CDC. I would like to get one for my church.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    • Hello S. Shepard,

      Yes, I have a CDC application. This organization wanted to do a lot of community development projects. I did my homework on this one and it was approved in 3 weeks!! I’ll make it available soon. If you’re in a hurry, you may purchase any other sample 501c3 application kit. Then send a request for the CDC Sample and I’ll send you the complete application and templates I used.

      I look forward to serving you!
      Belinda Whitfield

      • Robin Forde says:

        I would like to do what you suggested for S, Shepard. I am helping a church in Cincinnati Ohio to start a CDC to help people with education…. jobs…and housing. We want to also revitalize the neighborhood by restoring homes…one person …one family …one home.. at a time.

        The church will provide the seed money to get started. Am I on the right track? The church is 32 years old, incorporated in Ohio but does not want a 501c3 for itself for religious reasons but is willing to sponsor a CDC..

        Does your kit include sample articles of Incorporation? Ready to get started today.

  4. Nakia says:


    I purchased a sample kit from you probably around first of year( transitional home for women). I am really having a hard time making up my mind on how to set up this non-profit..I have a LLC for in home senior care and trying to not to cross the two or is there a way to combine them?. How and which one of your samples would fit me better? Can you add a LLC under a nonprofit? One more question, how can organizations, private and public donate to LLC or is that possible? I know its a lot of questions…hoping you can help. Thanks

    • Hi Nakia,

      Yes, you can have an LLC under the non-profit. Keep in mind the LLC is a for-profit entity and if you’re trying qualify for grant funding for the home senior care, you’ll want to make this an activity of the non-profit.
      You can operate multiple business activities under the same non-profit (e.g. transitional housing and senior care.
      Each business activity can have its own branding and identity by registering a fictitious or assumed name with your state or county.


      • Cherri says:

        Good evening can you explain this statement further?
        You can operate multiple business activities under the same non-profit (e.g. transitional housing and senior care.
        Each business activity can have its own branding and identity by registering a fictitious or assumed name with your state or county.

        I stumbled across your site. God sent. Where God leads I follow.
        A wonderful work.

        • Hi Cherri,

          I’ll give you my church as an example. Living Word Christian Center is a church. We have a school – grades K-8th, a minister’s training school, full retail type bookstore.
          Living Word Christian Center is the name on the Articles of Incorporation. Then we registered Living Word Christian Academy as a DBA (doing business as) name.
          So we can market the school under Living Word Christian Academy, but its not a separate corporation, its really the church doing business as LWCA.
          The same goes for the school of ministry (Living Word School of Ministry) and the bookstore (Royal Christian Bookstores).
          This way, we didn’t have to create multiple corporations,obtain multiple EIN’s and get multiple 501c3’s. Everything is under one corporation and one EIN.
          We used the state’s process to register assumed names for the corporation.

          Each state is different. Assumed name registrations for corporations may be registered at the secretary of state level and some states have the county handling the process.

          I hope this helps,

  5. Kendra says:

    I am so glad to have clicked on this website! I have several HUGE and OVERWELMING questions, We are forming a new Christian church and want to run an outreach ministry, we have a 2 year history (feeding and clothing over 8,000 people per month) under a different church and will apply as a seperate entity. Do we include that history? Do we purchase your product and apply as a church only, then change information and get your outreach program later? Or do we apply for both through the IRS at the same time and same application? We are hoping to get grants to support the outreach but not the church. . . . . . .however, have not applied or received grant funds yet for the outreach portion.


    On a seperate note: What a great blessing to see a Spiritual Sister helping those of us that want to do God’s work! The Body of Christ is amazing! Bless you greatly for your knowledge and desire for servitude!

    • Hello Kendra,

      Thanks for the kudos!!

      I see two options for you.
      Your outreach activities could very well be included with your church 501c3, especially if the church is footing the bill to begin with.
      And yes, I would disclose it in your church history that you were working as an auxiliary (or outreach ministry) of a different church.
      Later you could branch off and start a new organization for the outreach activities since you’re relying on grant funding for these activities.

      Or you could set-up two separate 501c3 organizations at the same time.
      It primarily depends on your current funding sources and whether funds are kinda tight right now and how fast your vision is being manifested.
      God moves so much faster than we do :-).

      It also depends on how soon you expect to start applying for grants.


  6. Danica says:


    I want to start an organization to mentor and train youth that are at high risk. There is so much violence here in Chicago I would like to reach some of our youth. Which kit would be right for me? I also would like to provide childcare to teen mothers while they are at there training.

  7. Kimberly says:


    I am in the foundational phases of setting up my non-profit. We have completed and sent in the AOI, Bylaws have been established and BOD elected. We are at a stump because we do not feel 100% comfortable in completing the 5013c applicaton. Do you have a package that only includes the application with program examples? Or do you only sell it as a package with everything?

    Also, are there any financial forms that we need to complete if we were incorporated last March and have only had 1 fundraiser? We are so new to this and want to make sure we do everything right.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • Hello Kimberley,

      Sorry for the delay. I’ve been quite busy with tax returns and year end projects.

      We don’t offer only a sample of form 1023. Believe me, you’ll want the complete kit.
      You can use mine to make sure your articles are complete and do not require amending.
      I’ve done 501c3’s for clients that had articles and bylaws completed. Still, they needed to be amended.
      And every now and then I come across bylaws that, well…, aren’t prepared correctly.
      Once client’s bylaws were more like operational policies and guidelines than bylaws.

      Financial forms to complete? Possibly 1099 reporting and maybe even payroll reporting if you misclassified workers.
      That’s another can of worms :-). My IRS Reporting Course should help you.


  8. Shemeka says:

    Hi Belinda,

    You have such a wonderful gifting and calling, ensuring that the body of Christ does business with order and excellence. I contacted you before. So please excuse if I repeat myself. But I’m interested in the 501(c)3 certification, for Specially Wrapped Gifts Ministry. A ministry of empowerment for parents that children with special needs, to include speaking engagements, merchandise and outreach. Which of your kits would be most beneficial to me? Or should I set-up as a non-profit for the outreach portion and for-profit for the merchandise?

    I appreciate your help.

    God Bless You,


  9. K says:

    Hello Belinda,

    May I say that is is refreshing to have so much information all in one place. Prayerfully you will have an opportunity to view the website. It will reveal that I have JUST launced an Evangelistic Ministry. We’re praying that the first event will be this fall. Do you have any “successful” Sample Kits for a ministry such as this?

    Currently, I am listed with the State as a for-profit…I have the Articles of Organization. However, I want the Evangelistic arm to be NFP.

    Thank you kindly.


    • Hi K,

      I know I’m crazy late in replying but today is my catch-up day. I hope you still find this info useful.

      You’ll definitely need to set up another NFP organization. All our sample kits include actual applications that were approved by the IRS. Our Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Outreach Ministries should be a good fit for you.


  10. Elrick says:

    Hello Belinda,

    My wife and I have just started a prayer ministry where we will be teaching intercessor how to properly pray for the church and leaders. We will also be helping the poor to meet their needs and providing marrital counseling. Can you suggest which of the sample 501(c)3 would be best for us.

    Looking forward to your answer


  11. pamela says:

    Hello, My name is Pamela, my church would like to apply for a 501C3 application for an outreach Ministery. Do we need to hirer an attorney and a CPA who is with familiar completing the 501C3 documents? Please help us. Thank You for your time and paticence. Sincerely Yours Pamela

  12. Apostle David Lay says:

    Woman of God Peace and Blessing be unto to you. Continue your good works for God has established your ministry in this thru assisting Pastors to do what God has instructed them to do.

  13. Robin Forde says:

    Thank for your good work for the Kingdom of God and the children of God.
    You are indeed truly blessed, gifted and well prepared.
    Please advise asap re my earlier comments/questions about your advice to S. Shepard September 14 2010.
    Thanks again,
    Pastor Forde.

  14. evangelist n. stokes says:

    I have an outreach ministry that God gave me seven years ago. The ministry has been giving food and, clothing to those in need; as well as teaching and preaching the Word of God. The Ministry currently is conducted from my resident. I have completed the by-laws and articles of incorporation but have not sent these to the secretary of State. The Ministry currently is self-funded by me, friends and relatives. Please help me with this…… I have to be a 501c3 (right now it’s now in the budget) and I have not registered the ministy’s name. Please tell me in what order am I to do these things. Someone told me that an Outreach Ministry such as the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws are a different procedure.
    Thank you for your help. God Bless.

    Evang. N. Stokes

    • Hello Evangelist Stokes,

      Yes, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are different documents.
      I know its crazy because Bylaws have Articles in them too.
      Bylaws do not have to be filed or approved by any government agency.
      You just need them and everyone and their mama will want a copy :-).

      You’ll need to send your articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State, this officially registers your name.
      Make sure they comply with 501c3 guidelines first, or you’ll have to amend them.
      Some states have pre-formatted articles that comply with IRS 501c3 guidelines. Other states do not.

      This website should give you some direction:

      Articles of Incorporation go to the Secretary of State and officially creates a legal entity.
      I refer to it as giving birth to your organization and you get a copy of the articles back that makes it official (e.g. your birth certificate).

      Once you’re incorporated, you have 27 months to apply for your 501c3 status. (YIPEE!!) The IRS will make your approval retroactive to your incorporation date.
      After that, it gets a bit too complicated to get into for this comment.

      You don’t have to wait for your 501c3 to solicit donations. Just get incorporated and register with your state attorney general’s office.


  15. Renee says:

    I am in the process of starting an amature sports organization and mentor program. Do you have an application for that?

    • Hello Renee

      The outreach ministry kit can be customized to adapt to your organization assuming your activities are charitable and educational.
      You’ll see how I format the narrative description of programs and activities and how to respond to many of the questions on Form 1023.
      Be sure to place an emphasis on sports education and training. The mentoring program will be a nice addition; place emphasis on that as well.
      Be sure to note your target group – Are you targeting youth? Low-income? Are you bringing these activities to low-income communities?


  16. Hello,

    It was an answer to prayer that I found your site. If you have time, please visit my website to get a better feel for Picture Perfect, and if you’d be able to help us.

    The mission of our non-profit, Picture Perfect is – Using photography to capture and preserve the essence and joy of each child with a terminal or chronic illness.

    In short, we work with organizations like Give Kids The World, Families of SMA, etc., and provide free portraits, taken by professional photographers who donate their time and talent.

    I’ve been approved by the state of PA, but am struggling with the 501c3 process, in regards to salaires, since at present, I’m the chief cook and bottle washer.

    Can one of your products be adapted to fit our mission? And, if so which one. I’d be happy to order as soon as I hear your reply.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Steve,

      Yes, the outreach ministry kit can be customized to adapt to your organization.
      You’ll see how I format the narrative description of programs and activities and how to respond to many of the questions on Form 1023.


  17. Tosha says:

    I currently have a 501c3 for a mentoring program for teens. I am interested in turning it to a transitional living program that train and development teen parents with a foundation taught in Stewardship. I want to train them in healthcare recruiting. Do I need to change my 501c3 paperwork or just add to it?

    • Hi Tosha,

      Your transitional living program is an extension of your primary purpose to help teens.
      Be sure to report your new activities to the IRS on your annual 990/990-EZ report.
      If your revenues are under $50,000 and you are not required to file an annual report, refer to this page on the IRS website for additional instructions for reporting changes:,,id=172533,00.html.


  18. Belinda,
    I’m an ordained minister who is creating an outreach ministry (community center/outdoor ministry/outreach youth/children/family ministry). We applied to the IRS and because the majority of our funding was described as coming from one source and that we were not currently having ‘worship’ services – they wanted us to be classified as a ‘private’ rather than a ‘public’ non-profit. We withdrew and now want to re-apply.
    Our funding is coming from other sources now and we have active in the community in providing outreach events, working with the local Coaliation on Homelessness, etc.
    And being an ordained minister – our focus is on outreach.
    The community center will provide: after school care, athletic events, Bible studies, parenting & marriage courses plus with 15 acres we are also going to provide outdoor activities.
    I would like your opinion on how we need to proceed.
    Thank you for your service and advice.
    For the Cause of Christ,

    • Hello Richard,

      You will need to re-apply, especially if your gross revenues are $5,000 or more.
      Now that you’re receiving donations, I’d be more concerned about making sure your 501c3 status is retroactive to the incorporation date.
      This would be an issue if you’re past the first 27 months. Otherwise the contributions you’ve received may not be deductible by the donor.

      Since your sources of revenue are from the pubic, this will be reflected in your actual financial data.
      You shouldn’t have a problem with being classified as a publicly supported organization.

      I hope this helps.

      Peace and Blessings,

  19. Joseph says:

    Greetings. I am a former bi-vocational pastor, who will be going out as a missionary evangelist, and have started my own ministry. I came to your web site because I will need to obtain a 501 (c)3 status and have a quick question concerning the 501(c) status. The ministry I started will be a Christian, multi-branched outreach ministry which will have from within various branches, but will not be limited to, the following: evangelism branch, educational branch, Christian counseling branch, health branch, and youth outreach ministry branch reaching out to teens on streets who are on drugs and teens abused in families.
    My question, since it will be a Christian, faith based ministry, must I incorporate as a church, or as an organization?

    • Hello Joseph,

      It appears your organization is not a church.
      So you should not incorporate as a church unless you plan to have worship services and a congregation that meets regularly at the same location.
      I didn’t see that in your list of activities. So you’ll want to incorporate as an outreach ministry.

      I hope this helps.


  20. Shonte Proctor says:

    Hello Belinda,

    May God bless you for the work you are doing by extending the knowledge you have. Currently, I am starting an outreach ministry with myself and my husband at this time. From my understanding the IRS requires 3 board of directors. Can they be family members or in-laws or should they be non-related.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Shonte,

      I know I’m late on responding, but if you’ve been on my site, you probably know I’ve been called to serve as CEO/President of Covenant Bank.

      The majority of your board should be unrelated to each other. Relationship includes blood, marriage or business relationship.

      Example: You and your spouse are on the board; and you have another married couple who are friends on the board; the IRS would treat everyone as being related – i.e. everyone is related to at least one other person on the board.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  21. Debbie says:

    Hey Belinda, i came to this chatting mug bcz my husband n i r workng on opening up a day care for our ministry, but in fact i want to know how to get my 501c3 paper work started, how long will it take and what the requirements are. I want to start this today so i can get this started.

    • Hi Debbie,

      I know I’m late on responding, but if you’ve been on my site, you probably know I’ve been called to serve as CEO/President of Covenant Bank.

      There’s lots to do and there’s no specific time frame.
      We’ve done 501c3’s in as fast as 10 days, and that’s only because the client is quick to give us their info.

      Allow up to 30 days for your state to get you incorporated (most states have an expedited process where you pay a bit more).
      Allow at least 6 weeks for the IRS to review and approve your application once its out the door.
      Still that’s no guarantee, because as of today, they are working on applications they received last September.

      Check out this page on my website for an overview of what’s required:

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  22. Demetria McFarland says:

    Hello Ms. Whitfield,
    I want to know if you would be able to assist me with obtaining my 501c3. I have an outreach ministry pertaining to high crime areas. I work in areas that others shun. Would I be able to receive my non-profit status through your firm or do I need to go another direction?

    Demetria McFarland
    Marshall, Texas

    • Hi Demetria,

      Sorry for the delayed response.
      If you’ve not moved forward yet with an alternative firm, sure we can assist you.
      Give us a call and provide the details to my assistant, Sharon (630) 769-6900 ext. 715.


  23. Jesse Burton says:


    I’m assisting my wife start up a dancing arts program for in school and after school sessions. Will your outreach application work for us?


    Jesse Burton
    Houston, Texas

    • Hello Jesse,

      Sorry for the delay. Its been a while since I’ve had time to reply to comments on my site.
      Yes, my outreach ministry application should be ok, but I just did an application for an creative arts program and after school.
      When you purchase the outreach ministry application, send a follow-up email right away and I’ll give you the narrative I used for that organization.

      Peace and Blessings!

  24. Pam says:


    I have a non profit organization where I provide counseling and educational services to youth and their families. I am currently starting an evangelistic outreach ministry. Will I be able to use my current 501c3 entity to do a dba/fictitious name or will I need to do a totally new application for the ministry program?


  25. Leveda Lawrence says:

    Hello, do you have a sample 501 (c) 3 for an organization that help terminally ill children. The organization gives money to the families of terminally ill children at hospitals. Once the organization is well established they will be branching out to counseling, speaking engagements and etc.

    • Hello Leveda,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.

      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      You could make use of the 501c3 sample kit for an outreach ministry. Its not a perfect fit,
      but there are examples of narrative descriptions for activities you may engage in.
      You may use it as a guide, and customize it to your needs.

      Peace and Blessings,

  26. stephanie says:

    Hello Ms. Whitfield,
    I just recently started a community outreach ministry in a troubled community (crime, drugs, low income, etc) and I need to know what is the difference in becoming incorporated verses getting a 501c3? What are the benefits of each of them? Also, I want to give this ministry a specific name(example, New Life Community Outreach). How do I go about doing this?

    • Hello Stephanie,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      Here’s my super simple – non-techie response.
      A corporation is a legal entity, like a person. So getting incorporated is like giving birth to your company.
      You do this with the secretary of state. Typically all legal entities must pay federal income taxes.
      The 501c3 status allows your company to earn a profit and not have to pay income taxes on the profits.
      Plus, people can make donations to your company and claim a tax deduction for charitable contributions.

      So before your company can even apply for a 501c3 status, it has to legally exist (i.e, be born, get incorporated).

      Another word of advice for readers, before you get a tax id # from the IRS, your organization should be born (i.e. get incorporated).
      Some people run out and get a tax id # before getting incorporated.
      Its like getting a social security number for an unborn child.

      I hope this helps!

  27. Susan says:

    While I am waiting for my states approval &articles I need to pay for these items and my non profit has not brought in any donations yet to help. Can I personally pay for them as a loan to the ministry then later the ministry can pay me back once funds start coming in?

    • Hello Susan,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      This is a very, very good question!
      Yes, you can lend the start-up money to the organization.
      Or you can claim a charitable deduction for these expenses.
      Be sure to discuss this with your board. And get it in writing.

      Belinda Whitfield

  28. Kalle Laubhan says:

    Hello! I have been reading through some of the comments and was wondering if the Outreach or Foreign Missions would be better for me. We have an outreach ministry that my husband and I have been doing for a couple years now and have just recently feel called to doing foreign missions. So I guess my question would be do we go with the Outreach or Foreign Missions application??? The monies that come in will go for both so does it really matter?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Kalle,

      I realize my response is very late, and you’ve probably resolved the matter by now.
      So this comment post to my website is in case someone else has a similar question.

      The kit for Foreign Missions is very much like the Outreach Ministry kit.
      The foreign missions kit has additional narratives for outreach projects in other countries.

      So, you will want to use Foreign Missions kit.

      Peace and Blessings!

  29. L. Parker says:

    Hello. I was interested in purchasing 501c3 package for outreach ministries. I was wondering if you offer a service where you will review a completed application prior to submission. Thank you.

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hi There,

      Yes, I can review your application if you like. I will contact you by email.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Belinda Whitfield

  30. Wade Jones says:

    Good Morning, Ms. Whitfield!

    I have been working with homeless veterans for quite some time and I wish to form an 501c3. I currently facilitate placement in existing county/VA emergency and transitional housing. I also assist in various administrative functions associated with obtaining veteran benefits. God is leading me to expand the ministry into establishing supportive housing. Can you help me with starting a non-profit to help with what I presently do and what will happen in the future?

    Thank you in advance and may God continue to bless and keep you.

  31. Trina D. says:

    Good Afternoon, Belinda,

    My husband has been working with an independent (not sponsored by a church) jail ministry for 10 years now, and the director just stepped down (retired). As associate director, my husband became director and there is a lot of work to be done. I told him I could get papers in order and handle donations – but we are talking a very small scale budget (no more than $1500-$2000 a year.)

    We are all-volunteer (about 30), with no payroll. The past director let the 501 (C) (3) lapse since he is in his eighties and did not fill out the 990’s for 3 years. I am unsure of the wording to use on the 1023, since we minister to jail inmates, (some of which are not guilty). This is not a prison ministry.

    My husband wants to have a small board of directors for accountability and help with decision-making. Since I am handling all paperwork & finances, do I need to be on the board as Secretary/Treasurer?

    There are products on the web helping me with forms, etc. that cost $400 and up. Being a small non-profit (hopefully soon), we don’t have funds for this. How much would your help cost?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Trina,

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      We specifically designed our Sample 501c3 Application Kits for ministries that are on a very tight budget.
      This does require you to do it yourself. [omitted]. Use our templates as a guide. We’ve done 80% of the work.
      You simply need to customize some of the wording for your organization.

      And remember – Where God guides, He provides. This is His work. He will provide the resources for you to see this project through.

      Trina, the Holy Spirit is telling me to tell you that God wants a part in this. He wants to be your source. And don’t limit him to a little budget.
      He has great things in store for you. He is telling me to tell you to trust and obey.

      I don’t know what that means for you. I pray for God’s blessing over your ministry and over every one’s ministry that reads this message.
      Be encouraged. God is doing a great thing in this earth. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

      I feel the Holy Spirit just took over my keyboard. Praise God. This great thing God has for you is DONE!

      Thank you Jesus.

  32. Alice Ramser says:

    Can you use a name for a 501C3 that you have used previously as a fictitious name under the churches name?

    • Hello Alice,

      Yes, you can. You’ll need to check with your state or local authorities to make sure the church releases the fictitious name so the new non-profit can use that name.

      I hope this helps!
      Belinda Whitfield

  33. Dr. Alonzo Williams Jr says:

    I have an organization called Driven With a Purpose Inc. The purpose of the organization is to provide educational services to families that have experienced losing a child to death. Also, I have provided educational scholarships to students that are interested in majoring in music, fine arts, and theatre.. Also, I want to provide tutorial services to assist struggling students, not to mention writing grants. Could you guide me to which package to purchase from your company ?

    • Hello Dr. Williams,

      I would recommend the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for CDC’s. This kit is packed with program templates.
      It also has the educational scholarship information and sample responses for the Form 1023 Schedule H.
      When you get the kit, I would customize the narrative for the life skills workshops to describe your educational services.

      Thanks for your commitment to help students and families! I pray for your success!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  34. Dr. Alonzo Williams Jr says:

    I have just completed my purchase of the Sample 501c3 Application Kit for CDC’s. I am looking forward to the arrival of the kit. When will it arrive for my review?

    • Hello Dr. Williams,

      Thanks so very much for reporting the problem. Our emails are sent out immediately after purchase. I also get a copy of the email just to be sure the email was sent. It’s possible the message is in your spam folder. I forwarded a copy of the email with the download link on 5/25 and 6/5 and again today upon receipt of Jerome M’s comment.

      I trust you have received the fourth email and possibly discovered all the others are in your spam folder.
      I really want to make sure you received your purchase.
      I am looking forward to your reply to confirm you have received the email with the link to download your product.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  35. Maria Bridges says:

    First of all, thank you answering these questions and providing quality service. We recently started an outreach ministry, but I am not sure what sample package we need, outreach or CDC. Now honestly, I am not sure what CDC means, but the description is exactly like the outreach we have begun. Help!

    • Hi Maria,

      The outreach ministry kit has programs and activities that are religious in nature. This kit is primarily geared for the ordained minister who is called to ministry, but is not called to start a church. The CDC (Community Development Corporation) kit has activities that are primarily non-religious in nature and that you may have a good chance of finding grant funding for. If you were to purchase both kits, you will find some programs in common (e.g. food distribution and clothing distribution). You won’t find descriptions for programs like Bible Study, Nursing Home Visitations, and Prison Ministry in the CDC Kit. Also, you won’t find descriptions for Transitional Living Programs, Low-Income Housing, and Elderly Housing in the Outreach Ministry kit.

      I hope this helps.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Belinda Whitfield

  36. Dumah Williams says:

    Greetings to you and a happy new year! I pray this email finds your in good health and great spirits. I am co-founder of a nonprofit organization, that has been incorporated since October 2012 (yikes we are coming up on our 27th month deadline). We have to amend our AOL for 501c3 purposes. This page has been so very helpful to many of the questions that I have. However I do still have a few more. Neither myself nor my partner are ordained ministers, but we have been called to ministry. The name of our ministry is Sisters In Christ – SIC Sorority, and our mission is to empower, inspire, and uplift the 21st century woman of a God all thru the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do street evangelizing, speaking engagements, prayer meetings, group meetings where we discuss Christ, food and clothing distribution, nursing home visitations (where our youth ministry volunteers). What we would like to do in addition to the things listed above are, life skills seminars and workshops, transitional living program for women, and , any of the activities listed under your CDC description. Also, God has given us the vision of foreign ministry especially in Africa. With all of that being said, do we purchase the outreach ministry package or CDC package or do we blend?

    Also someone asked you in a previous question if all programs could fall under one package and your response was yes but try to keep 501c3’s for religious programs separate from community type programs. With everything that I’ve explained above, (and it is a lot, sorry) does it mean we have to file 2 separate 501c3’s? Or would we just list 3 purposes-religious, charitable, and educational?

    Lastly, we have a clothing line and a few books (waiting to be published) that we would like to do business for (for profit). I also noticed in one of your comments to a writer, you talked about your church and having a school, and ministers training school, and a retail bookstore, and all you did was Register a DBA for for those. Is that what we would have to do also? Again, I do apologize for my rambling. I pray I was able to express myself in a way for you to understand my questions. Thank you in advance for all of your help, & I look forward to purchasing your packages.

    • Hello Dumah,

      Happy new year! Praise God for your ministry assignment and all the wonderful things you will be doing. I would recommend the CDC kit for you.
      As far as combining religious programs with community programs, this has more to do specifically for churches. Since your organization is not a church, you’ll be fine. Just make sure that if you’re applying for any grants, you do not make it mandatory for participants to engage in your religious activities. So, you’re fine with one non-profit for all your initiatives.

      For example, one of my clients is a minister and she operated a women’s shelter. She offered spiritual counseling, prayer and Sunday chapel services. These services were available to all participants, but the participants were not required to participate.

      As much as I prefer not to offer strategic planning through the comments, I can say I would not mix for-profit with not-for-profit. My church’s DBA registrations are all related to religion and providing faith based programs to serve our congregation. The bookstore is a Christian Bookstore run by a team of volunteers and staff; we ran a Christian school, School of Ministry, and Bible Training Center. These are all religious activities. We did DBA’s for these. I recommend separate for-profit business entities (corporations or LLC’s) for your for-profit initiatives.

      I hope this helps.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

      • Dumah Williams says:

        Yes, this did help! Thank you so much woman of God. My partner is checking out your site now as I type. I pray God blesses you abundantly as you continue helping His people.


  37. Jennifer says:

    Hi there!
    I am so thankful to have found your site! I have been working on the 501c3 app and feel completely overwhelmed. Writing is not my gift. With God’s lead, we are trying to open a Christian bookstore and resource center. The ministry would be funded through donations and the bookstore. We would provide a place for bible studies, outreach, classes, events, etc. We have our articles of incorp. in and our name registered. We are still working on the location and find it very hard to get a good financial statement without it. What form would I use and how is a financial statement done under these circumstances?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I take it you’re trying to complete the financial statement section of the Form 1023. If so, I totally understand why you may be a bit overwhelmed.
      The time frame you will report on depends on the year your organization was incorporated. If your organization is fairly new and you are trying to prepare the budget for Form 1023, you will want to plan what it would cost to implement the activities you plan to have.

      I hope this helps. I can provide a little more direction for you after your purchase. Just give me a jingle at (630) 759-6900 and I can provide more tips to get you off to a good start.

      Peace and Blessings!

  38. Ora says:

    Hello. I am so happy to have just discovered your site. I would appreciate your assistance as I am very confused. I incorporated a faith based non profit in the state of Florida in June of 2014. The main purpose of the lay helps ministry is to provide services to those who need assistance. That can include physical, emotional, and/or financial. All of the donations (which have not been very much) have come from myself and my husband, which I have no issue with. The main focus of the ministry is biblical counseling and so often those whom the Lord puts in my path have other needs to be met, for example, one woman who was forced to leave her home with her two children needed financial assistance as I counseled her though a difficult divorce process. When I incorporated I got an EIN#, which I’m not even sure I needed. I am also not sure if it is a requirement for me to file for 501c3 status. Or if I need to file any kind of tax return, which I have not done. I came upon this site today as I am seeking the Lord’s help in moving forward. I know that the purpose of the ministry is to be the hands of Christ in helping those who need help and that may grow into other things in the future, like bible studies, prayer groups, etc.

    Thank you in advance for you attention and God bless.

    Take Care Ministries

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