Sample 501c3 Kit for Churches with a Child Day Care

We've gone through Form 1023 and checked off the right answers to over 80% of the questions! We've also written up responses for those questions where the IRS wants details, details, details.

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80% of Form 1023  - Done For You!

Sample 501c3 Application for Churches with a Child Day Care

Includes Form 1023 with 80% completed and core sample kit document templates plus sample narrative description of activities for for worship services, counseling, weddings, funerals, baptisms, cell groups, children's church, prayer meetings, retreats and conferences, street witnessing, prison ministry outreach, hospital & nursing home visitations, children's day care, drop-off and pick-up, Computer Training, Youth Mentoring, academic tutoring and so much more!

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Here's What You'll Get

In Our Sample 501c3 Application Kits

Actual 501c3 Application

Get your hands on an actual 501c3 application with all the attachments that was submitted to the IRS and approved.

Narrative Description of Activities

Time-saving templates with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities.

Responses to Form 1023 Questions

Easily answer confusing questions on Form 1023 that require a detailed explanation with our templates.

Stuff the IRS

Will Ask For

We just know the IRS is going to ask for stuff that's not in the Form 1023 instructions.

Bylaws Template

Customize to your needs or use it as a tool to review your own for formatting and completeness.

Financials and Budget Templates

Follow our layout in MS Excel to prepare your budget and supporting worksheet.

Buy It, Customize It

and Get that 501c3 App Out the Door!

Writing Your Narrative Just Got 10 times Easier!

Customizing Your Narrative Description of Programs and Activities Couldn't Be Easier

Each kit contains an MSWord file with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities for the type of organization included in the kit. Most of these activities are charitable, educational and religious in nature. You will find some activities may be similar to your organization and some that are not. If you’re giving away something, teaching something or conducting religious activities, you can use our templates as a guide to help you describe your organization’s planned activities.

Example:  The kit may have descriptions for food distribution or clothing distribution to homeless people; but your organization is giving away backpacks filled with school supplies to children in low-income areas. You will change the wording and the target group to adapt the description to your organization.

Here's Another Example:  We have a transitional living program kits for Ex-offenders; and another kit for Women. You plan to target runaway teens. You will change the wording for the target group.

Use our template as a guide to get an understanding of what type of information and just how much information you can include in the description. You should not expect that all your intended programs and activities will be included in our kit as no two organizations are exactly alike.

More Rave Reviews!

Hello Ms.  Whitfield,

Love Without Borders purchased your kit and in five short months, after submitting the application we are Approved!!!   I believed this was a God move. In browsing the Internet looking for information on how to complete the 501c3 application. The Lord led me to your website. I read the blogs and signed up. Weeks later I purchased the " [sample] kit" and the rest is history.

I know that you have hundreds- thousands of people like myself, who are thanking you for equipping them with information,  but you don't understand what this approval has done for me. There's nothing impossible, when God says do it! I did and He worked it out...

I am so overwhelmed. We are ready and able to do great things for the Kingdom of God - God's love will be exemplified through us! Thank you so much! We could not have done this without you. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you in all that you do, for you are truly making a difference in the lives of people.


- Kelly Williams, Love Without Borders

This kit has been a big help. The example of the completed form was just what I needed!

- Laura L.

The package of documents were very complete and comprehensive. All of the information was logically ordered, I was very pleased.

- Gregg Chase

Testimony time, Our church had been trying to get a 501c3 since 2010 paid two different people to do it. They charge the church but never filed any paper or presented any papers. So I decided to try, I ordered the sample kit, and Ms Whitfield has put it together so nicely very easy to follow I have never done this before and I also learned a lot of new legal words Lol.

I read it then set out to [customize] it to my churches needs took about a week in my spare time. We mailed it on Dec 17, 2013 got a Letter stating they had received it in about 2wks. and today Feb 7, 2014 can somebody say today, we got the approval for the 501c3 not even a full two months. Everybody said 6mo. to a year because they were [backed] up. I just want to say thank you Ms. Whitfield for using your God given talent to put these kits together to help us. God bless you. We will be getting another one for Our Transitional home soon.

- Jill Jackson, Kingdom Minded Ministries

The 501 c 3 Kit that I purchased was wonderful. It meant a lot to me that I could use it and understand what I was doing. I highly recommend this to anyone. I could not have completed the kit without Belinda's assistance. At first I thought it was an online scam. So I dialed the number, she answered and asked how could she bless me today. I knew from that point, she was legitimate. I submitted my Kit to the IRS in Oct., 2014, I was informed by IRS that I should be receiving my non profit certification by the end of Feb., 2015.

The 501 c 3 package was wonderful. If you are not sure what you are doing that is the only way to go. I could not have completed the package with Ms Whitfield's help. I cannot thank you enough. I purchased the package in October of 2014. I am happy to say I have received my certification.

I thank God for her as she blesses others. I cannot stress enough how much having that kit meant to me. Thanks Belinda!

- Phyllis Johnson, The MJ Allen Adult Center, Inc.

18 responses to “Sample 501c3 Application For Churches with Child Day Care”

  1. Homer Johnson says:


    • Hi Homer,

      Excellent question!!! The Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Churches is a bit – well… you guessed it – Churchy :-).
      You can order the kit for an outreach ministry. Send me an email letting me know you need the programs and activities for child care and I will send it to you.

      Peace and Blessings,

  2. Crystal says:


    We are in the process of writing the 501c3 for our ministry which will also include a Christian School K-6 and day care. We do anticipate getting a seperate 501c3 for the school in a few years but want to use one during the initial stages. Do you have an example of a church and school application that has been approved?

    • Hi Crystal,

      Sorry, none of my samples have a grade school included.
      However, I do have extensive notes that address what the IRS would look for in a private school application.
      I would share these with you after your purchase if you planned to purchase any of the kits.


  3. Crystal M says:

    Hi: I am working on a 501 c 3 status for our church. We plan to operate a daycare once we receive the Non-Profit status and can write for grants. Do you recommend the purchase of the 501 c 3 or 501 c3 with a day care. We are laymen with accounting and grant writing experience working on the application. A lot of documents are being desgned and revised.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Hi Crystal,

      Yes, I suggest using the application for a church with a day care.
      Our kit includes the actual application and all the attachments that were sent to the IRS.
      I trust it will be very helpful!

      Peace and Blessings,
      Belinda Whitfield

  4. chris says:

    My church would like to do work on our 5013c. We want to do a Church childcare center,a center that traines people that want to learn a trade.(example: heat and Air) We also want to do transitional housing for men and women getting out of jail.Do you have an example that has all of these things? Also when we get your kit will it show you an example of the bugget? After we get your kit will we know how to do the form ourselves?

    • Hi Christal,

      Sorry for the delay. I’ve been really busy and finally getting to review comments.
      I know its been a while and you’ve probably resolved your issue. But here goes…

      Firstly, I would suggest setting up 2 separate 501c3’s for your initiatives. The church and child care can be under one 501c3. All your community programs can be under the second 501c3.

      Secondly, the sample kit for churches with a daycare; and the sample 501c3 application kit for a cdc should have what you need. All kits have either a budget or actual financial data. There are worksheet templates to help you present your financials.

      Lastly, please note the kit is not a step by step guide to obtaining your 501c3. It’s an actual application that went to the IRS and was approved by the IRS. You can use the kit as a guide for putting yours together. You’ll also get MS Word and Excel templates you can use to edit and customize to your organization’s needs.

      Peace and Blessings,

  5. Shawn says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I just purchased an application kit for a Church with a Daycare. Besides a daycare, we also have ministry expressions involving some CDC work, extensive oversees missions and local outreach. Could you forward any items in these other kits that may not be included in the one I purchased? I think that the essays portions or any instructional material would really help me in the application process.

    Thanks and blessings!!


    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hello Shawn,

      The Sample Kit for Churches with a Daycare includes descriptions for local outreach programs and activities.
      You may customize those descriptions to your organization’s outreach activities.

      We encourage churches that have CDC activities to seriously consider forming a separate 501c3.
      The CDC activities and foreign missions activities are quite comprehensive and are not available for distribution
      separate from their sample 501c3 packages.

      You would need to purchase the 501c3 Sample Kit for a CDC as it is more all inclusive with the exception that
      it does not include religious activities as would the church kit.
      The CDC kit includes local outreach, foreign missions and a wide range of CDC activities.

      Thank you for the comment about instructional materials. We realize there is a need for this.
      We have disclosed on our website the kit is not a step-by-step guide for getting a 501c3.
      We will soon be launching a comprehensive Do-It-Yourself 501c3 Course in the Fall of this year.

      In the interim, perhaps you may find our article 5 Steps to Get Your 501c3 to be helpful.

      It is a pleasure to serve you!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  6. Robyn says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I am renting space from my church to operate a preschool and before and after school care center. I am incorporated as a non-profit Christian organization with the purpose of evangelizing, discipling, and educating young children. Can you please advise me on which kit to buy?

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Hi Robyn,

      You’ll want to select the 501c3 Sample Kit for Outreach Ministries.
      We can add-on the description for the Daycare at no additional charge after the order.
      Forward a copy of your order confirmation along with your request.

      Belinda Whitfield

  7. Darryl Durham says:

    I am interested in starting an non- profit adult day care center and would like to utilize the kit. Can it be adapted for that purpose?

  8. karla smith says:

    Can the day care write grants under the church’s non profit status?

    • Hello Karla,

      It all depends on the qualifications set by the organization or agency that is offering the grant funding.
      Some government agencies may specifically exclude religious or faith-based organizations to ensure the funds are not used for the advancement of religion.
      If your child-care is operated under the church, others may classify it as a faith-based organization.

      Peace and Blessings!

  9. Ida says:

    What type kit should I use for a daycare center not connected to the church?

    • Hello Ida,

      I would recommend the 501c3 application kit for CDC. Sure it’s packed with a lot of other activities. But you can use the daycare information for your organization.

      Peace and Blessings!

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