Choosing Your Board Members

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Video Transcript:Choosing Your Board MembersHi, I’m Belinda Whitfield, and I just want to give you a little tip since you’re starting your nonprofit organization. One of the things to think about is that you’re going to need to form a board. You need to have at least three board members and the majority of them should be not related to any other board members.Here’s the key thing I want you to think about when you’re trying to choose your board:  be prayerful about who you want to put on your board. You want to make sure that you’re not choosing people that have a hidden agenda.But at the same time you want to make sure that you’ve got people that are supportive of your mission and can help you make some very good sound decisions for your organization. Keep that in mind as you’re going through your checklist of things that you need to do to start your nonprofit.That’s my tip for today. If you have any questions visit my website at and submit your question on my contact us page Have a blessed day.]]>

Belinda Whitfield

Belinda Whitfield is a certified public accountant that specializes in serving churches and non-profit organizations. Through her firm, Whitfield & Associates, she provides tax services, accounting and compliance oversight and strategic planning for churches and non-profits throughout the United States.

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