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Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Churches

This sample 501c3 application package for churches includes state Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, template for special provisions required for your Articles of Incorporation, special board resolution and conflict of interest policy.

It also includes sample narrative description of activities for church worship services, counseling, weddings, funerals, baptisms, cell groups, children’s church, prayer meetings, retreats and conferences, street witnessing, prison ministry outreach, hospital & nursing home visitations, and so much more!

Here's What You'll Get

In our Sample 501c3 Application Kits

Actual 501c3 Application

Get your hands on an actual 501c3 application with all the attachments that was submitted to the IRS and approved.

Narrative Description of Activities

Time-saving templates with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities.

Responses to Form 1023 Questions

Easily answer confusing questions on Form 1023 that require a detailed explanation with our templates.

Stuff the IRS

Will Ask For

We just know the IRS is going to ask for stuff that's not in the Form 1023 instructions.

Bylaws Template

Customize to your needs or use it as a tool to review your own for formatting and completeness.

Financials and Budget Templates

Follow our layout in MS Excel to prepare your budget and supporting worksheet.

Buy It, Customize It

and Get that 501c3 App Out the Door!

Writing Your Narrative Just Got 10 times Easier!

Customizing Your Narrative Description of Programs and Activities Couldn't Be Easier

Each kit contains an MSWord file with the exact wording we’ve used to prepare the description of programs and activities for the type of organization included in the kit. Most of these activities are charitable, educational and religious in nature. You will find some activities may be similar to your organization and some that are not. If you’re giving away something, teaching something or conducting religious activities, you can use our templates as a guide to help you describe your organization’s planned activities.

Example:  The kit may have descriptions for food distribution or clothing distribution to homeless people; but your organization is giving away backpacks filled with school supplies to children in low-income areas. You will change the wording and the target group to adapt the description to your organization.

Here's Another Example:  We have a transitional living program kits for Ex-offenders; and another kit for Women. You plan to target runaway teens. You will change the wording for the target group.

Use our template as a guide to get an understanding of what type of information and just how much information you can include in the description. You should not expect that all your intended programs and activities will be included in our kit as no two organizations are exactly alike.

Everything is Packed in a Zip File

After your online purchase, you will be taken to a page where you may instantly download the zip file. You will also receive an email indicating you have 120 hours or 5 attempts (whichever comes first) to download the zip file. The email will include a link to download the zip file. The email will be sent to the email address used during checkout. Check your spam mail or junk mail folder if you do not see it in your inbox. The file will be a zip file. Make sure you are comfortable downloading and opening zip files, or that you know someone that can do this for you.

File Download Refund Policy

Our products are delivered instantly, and they are easily retained and used by the consumer. As a result, no refunds or exchanges will be given for file download purchases.

43 Responses to “Sample 501c3 Application for Churches”

  1. HUSAIN SABIR says:


  2. Kim Denmark says:

    Dear Belinda,

    I have a rather unusual Ministry. I am “walking” across America for homelessness, poverty and jos, and am looking to find a way to “incorporate” my walk, and to “incorporate”, Kim Denmark Ministries.

    Not only am I “walking”, but I am actully “taking people off the streets”. I would like to professionalize, and make this journey more respected to the business world, and corporate America.

    Is this possible, and what is the best kit. Further, which ever is easiest and quickest to do, I am more than willing to begin that process.

    Kim Denmark

    • Hello Kim,

      What an awesome vision you have! You may want to incorporate under Kim Denmark Ministries, and come up with a brand for marketing your walking across America activity. You can register an assumed name (or DBA) for the walking program, then you can promote it with its own brand identity. As you expand into other areas you can register assumed names for each major program or project; but they will be all under the same company.

      The Sample 501c3 Application Kit for Outreach Ministries should be a good fit for you.

      Be Blessed!
      Belinda Whitfield

  3. Al Ngu says:

    I was able to get some useful information from Belinda who has been very helpful for us as a small startup church regarding 501C application though this was the 1st time I speak with her.

  4. Lisa says:

    I just received my incorporation and I need help with submitting my 501c3 application. My program is a Youth Outreach Program/Sports Program. Do you have any sample applications that fit this type of program.

  5. DLM says:

    We are a small church ministry in PA – with a vision to operate several community outreach programs including youth, senior, single mothers, vocational ministry helps. Our church already has our EIN and our by-laws. I have the application for 501c3, began to complete it but am now “lost.” the application is overwhelming and I do not want to send and re-send to IRS. This is why your ad interested me. I see your package for churches. Can you please explain the process? If I proceed, would I send you info. and you guide me or is this a project that I will self-direct?

    • Hi DLM,

      The $[omitted] Sample 501c3 Application Kit is for do-it-yourself’ers.
      Since you’ve come so far in the process, it’s probably just what you need to get the application done and out the door!
      You will get a complete 501c3 application that I prepared for another church that was sent to the IRS and approved with no questions asked.
      You can use it as a guide to put your package together.

      The process – click the link to buy the package online. You’ll be taken through the online shopping cart to complete your order.
      Then you will go directly to a page to download a zip file with lots of goodies (PDF of the actual application, and MS Word, and MS Excel templates you can use to customize your responses to all the questions on the application that requires explanations).
      You’ll also get an email with a link where you can download the zip file (the link does have an expiration – 5 days – so check your inbox or spam mail and download it right away).

      If you prefer professional assistance, visit my 501c3 Application services page at for all the details. My fee is $975 or 3 monthly installments of $330.

      Peace and Blessings!

      • Delores Jones says:

        Hello, I am Evangelist Delores Jones, my husband and I would like to start our ministry and I would like to start my private school as well as provide assistance with Rent, Utilities, clothing, etc….

        I was told that I needed a 501-c-3, but I don’t just want to purchase a product and have no clue as to how to use it, unless its one of those deals where you just copy from one page to another, changing on the Church name or the business name.

        Can this program help me? Please respond ASAP.

        Thank you!


        • Belinda Whitfield says:

          Hi Delores,

          Our kits are for someone familiar with the 501c3 process that is looking for ideas on putting together IRS Form 1023.
          The process does require a lot of paperwork. You may want to
          You may want to check out my blog article: 5 Steps to Get Your 501c3.
          This will give you an overview of the process.

          Our kits are not a step-by-step guide on how to get your 501c3. So you will not see an e-book with pages and pages and pages of discussion on getting a 501c3.
          I’ve designed my kits to cut to the chase; because I’m a bottom line – let me just see one – kind of person.

          So you will get one PDF file with an actual 501c3 application page-by-page that was sent to the IRS.
          And yes, you may use ours as a copy-cat cheat sheet to figure out how to answer most of the questions on IRS Form 1023.

          Since the IRS applications require a lot of explanations and attachments; I put mine in MS word so you can change anything you want to match your organization.

          Our kit will provide a sample Articles of Incorporation to help you with Step 1 of my 5 steps.
          You will only get the sample articles for the organization included in the kit.
          There’s not a sample articles for all 50 states. But you may use ours as a guide for preparing the articles for your state as our sample includes the language the IRS will want to see.

          Our Kit will provide a sample of IRS Form 1023 to help you with Step 5 of my 5 steps.
          The kit contains an actual 501c3 application that was sent to the IRS.
          Use this as a page-by-page guide to see what a finished product should look like.
          It includes templates in MS Word and Excel so that you can customize the language to match your organization.

          I should mention that none of my kits includes a private school (e.g. grade school, high school, college, trade school or university).
          But if your school is primarily seminars, classes and workshops for an area of interest (e.g. arts for youth, mentoring girls, ministry training, etc), the 501c3 Kit for a CDC would be the suggested kit.

          I hope this helps!!

          Peace and Blessings,
          Belinda Whitfield

  6. Pastor Reginald L. Bellamy says:

    Hi Belinda, I am a Pastor that has founded a New Church called the New Life Fellowship Baptist Church it is located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey ..I am looking for someone to help get started with a 501c3 for my Church with a goal to involve a community based program to help community residents learn computers, food & clothing bank, daycare, and job readiness program. Also helping those who were out of touich with society to reconnect themselves and find work from being incarcerated behind prison bars and for teen mothers or abused mothers .. Please help me get started. Thank You, Pastor RL Belamy, NLFBC

    • Hello Pastor Belamy,

      Your church is doing some awesome things. I’m here to serve you.
      I can provide professional services for obtaining your 501c3 for your church.
      Here’s a link to our page that has more information about the service. Check out the video too!

      I you’d like to do it yourself, my sample kit show you with the finished product should look like.

      I’d like to add that if you’re looking to get grant money for your community outreach initiatives, you should consider creating a separate 501c3 for your community programs.
      I’d allocate resources to that first, if its something you’d like to get up and running soon; then go after the 501c3 for the church, as the church is automatically exempt.

      I hope this helps. Please contact me if you’re interested in our professional services and have more questions.
      Belinda Whitfield

  7. Vernon Holmes says:

    Hi Belinda,

    You truly have a powerful ministry going here in assisting churches and organizations form as quickly as possible. May God continue to prosper you!

    I have a question; I am a part of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc., an Apostolic Pentecostal organization. Many of the churches in the organization are seeking 501 (c)(3) and will be using your samples to do it. Do your church applications, particularly the Bylaws provide provisions in it such that the founder of the ministry cannot be voted out? An example of what I am referring to can be found at this website .

    Thanks for the insight. I am trying to do whatever I can to protect our pastors and visionaries.

    –Min. Vernon

    • Hello Min Vernon,

      Thanks for the kudos! I have 2 sets of bylaws. One for the client’s actual 501c3 application that requested similar customization, and a generic set.
      You’ll get the MS Word file so that you can tweak it as you see fit.
      If you really want bulletproof bylaws, you may consider taking it a step further to get an attorney to review them.

      I hope this helps!

  8. Barbara says:

    we are forming a non profit counseling/ministry organization with an online curriculum, webinars, in-house counseling, Skype counseling, prayer ministry etc. We are located in Castle Rock Colorado. We intend to write books and other copyright material in the future. Do you have a packet that would work for us? We already have the articles of incorporation, conflict of interest policy, bylaws, and other pieces.

    • Hello Barbara,

      Sorry for the delayed response, as God has me on a special assignment to serve as CEO/President of Covenant Bank for the next 6 months.

      You may want to use the sample kit for Outreach Ministries.
      You will need to do some customizing to describe your specific activities.
      You can follow my samples to see how much detail to include and how to address a lot of the other questions on the Form 1023.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  9. Sandra says:


    I am at the start up stages, have my bylaws and articles of incorp. for my ministry (church) currently I do not have any outreach(s) scheduled but plan to have them, would I have to utilize the outreach 501c3 forms now?

    • Hi Sandra,

      Yes. The nice thing is if your organization is not a church, you can send in your application even if you’re in the planning stages.

      If your organization is a church, you’ll have to be up and running and have a congregation.

      Peace and Blessings.
      Belinda Whitfield

  10. James palmer says:

    Pastor James Palmer..

    My Group, we are in the planning stages of organizing a church Congregation and hear are some of the thing we will be doing for right now, Outreach Ministries,activities for worship services,weddings, children’s church, prayer meetings,hospital,witnessing, were here for right now.. So what 501C3 will we need?

    God Bless!
    Belinda Whitfield

    • Hello Pas. Palmer,

      Sorry for the delay. Its been a while since I’ve had time to reply to comments on my site.

      The sample 501c3 application kit for churches is just what you need.
      You noted hospital in your comment. By that you mean hospital visitations, right? If so, you’re fine.
      That’s in there too!

      Peace and Blessings!

      Belinda Whitfield

  11. Eric Carey says:

    Hi I am currently in the Process of starting a youth Ministry that will get youth involved in positive youth program throughout the community and I am look for someone to assist me with this process

    • Hello Eric Carey,

      Sorry for the delay. Its been a while since I’ve had time to reply to comments on my site.

      Your ministry is timely and much needed. If you need professional assistance, please give us a call and speak with my assistant, Sharon at 630-759-6900 ext 715.

      I’m looking forward to assisting where ever we can.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  12. Steven says:

    Does the Church application kit also cover the necessary paperwork for Ordaining ministers?

  13. Pastor D. says:

    Blessings and Peace.

    I currently have a 501(c) 3 ministry which was incorporated in NYS. I would like to maintain the 501(c) 3 , as the ministry is moving to GA. to continue our work. Do I need to incorporate here in Ga, so that we can keep our status.

    We have bee incorporated 2000.

    • Hello Pastor D.

      You can keep your 501c3 by registering the ministry as a foreign corporation in GA.
      You would have to file annual reports with the secretary of state to keep the corporation active in both states.
      There may be business name issues as well. For instance, your name may be currently used in GA.
      And you may need to register a dba name to use.

      You would also have to submit annual reports for the attorney general’s office for both states.
      Each state attorney general’s office has its own revenue thresholds for annual audits.
      One state may require an annual audit if revenues are over $100K. The other may not require it until revenues are $500K; or not at all.

      I hope this helps!!
      Belinda Whitfield

    • Pastor D. says:

      I am confused, as we are a church…….

  14. TLM says:


    I am in the process of starting a school and I want to apply for the 501 c3. Do you have any sample kits for this type of program. The school will service grades 6-12. The target audience is economically disadvantaged students.

  15. Delores Jones says:

    how much does it cost

  16. vanessa says:


    I am in process of completing 501c3 for EPIC..Eldercare Programs and Services In Communities. From there we will be a resource center for elderly, develop transitional housing for elderly, and provide case management services for them. Which 501c3 would best fit? Would it be the CDC?

    Vanessa Williams

  17. Dawn says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I am in the process of starting a ministry in AZ. I have never written a 501c before and wanted to know if your packet would be helpful to me. Thanks.

    • Belinda Whitfield says:

      Sorry for the delayed posting as October and November are very busy months for me.
      Setting up a 501c3 requires a lot of paperwork.

      The sample 501c3 application kit provides a sample of the IRS Form 1023, articles of incorporation and all the related attachments.
      It is a great resource to see how a complete 501c3 application should look before you mail it to the IRS.

      Here’s a link to the 5 steps to get your 501c3.
      It will provide an overview of the main steps that are required.

      I would suggest purchasing the kit before getting incorporated. You can use the sample articles of incorporation to help you prepare your articles.

      Peace and Blessings!

  18. William says:

    We are launching a new church that provides sermons entirely online with no physical location. What package is best for us?

    • Hello William,

      I’d classify your ministry as an outreach ministry and recommend the Sample Kit for Outreach Ministries.

      If you’d like to seek a “church” status with the IRS, you’ll want to use the Sample Kit for Churches.
      You’ll find everything we use to prove our case for “church” status.

      However, I must warn you that the IRS may not grant you the church status since you do not have a physical location for your congregation to worship together.
      So, don’t expect your application to sail through the system with no-questions-asked.
      Do a Google search on “IRS internet church” and “IRS church definition” and you may find some useful information.

      I hope this helps!

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  19. Jerome M says:

    I referred a friend to your website and he ordered one the samples about 1 week ago. To date he has not received his order. That is not good for business. please make sure you reach out to [email address edited out].

    • Hello Jerome,

      Thanks so very much for reporting the problem. Our emails are sent out immediately after purchase. I also get a copy of the email just to be sure the email was sent. It’s possible the message is in Mr. Williams’ spam folder. I forwarded a copy of the email with the download link to Mr. Williams on 5/25 and 6/5 when he reported the problem; and again today upon receipt of your comment.

      I trust today he has received the fourth email. Thanks again for reporting the problem.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  20. Cary says:

    Hello Belinda,

    We are starting an organization that provides spiritual, legal and financial covering for churches. We will have an ecclesiastical form of government in the organization. We will be ordaining and licensing ministers and also church planting. Other organizations like ours are organized as a church but the problem is is that our organization does not have a congregation, church times, or Sunday School. Which Kit would work best for us? Thanks and God Bless

    • Hello Cary,

      You will want to use our Sample 501c3 Kit for Outreach Ministries. This kit is for religious organizations that do not have a congregation. While our narrative description of programs do not contain specific programs as yours, you may use it as a guide for determining the amount and type of information to disclose. I would be happy to give you some ideas on how to customize the kit for your organization.

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

  21. Sam says:

    Dear Mrs. Whitefield

    I would like to ask some questions about the 501(c) 3.
    Can I do that through email? Thank you.

    • Hello Sam,
      Sorry for the delay. I’ve had my head buried in the sand for the past few weeks working on 990 tax returns for non-profit clients.

      Feel free to give me a call at (630) 759-6900 Ext. 710. I’d love to answer a few quick questions for you and learn more about your organization.
      But, do wait until after 11/17 (final tax deadline day).

      Peace and Blessings!
      Belinda Whitfield

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