990 Tax Returns

Most not-for-profit organizations are required to file a Federal 990 (990-N or 990-EZ) tax return to maintain its 501c3 status.
Churches are exempt from the 990 filing requirement.

Your financial information must be accurate and in order before we can begin preparing your return.

Fee Schedule

Our Fee includes Federal and State Annual Filing for Your State of Incorporation:

990-N For organizations with revenues under $50,000 - $125
990-EZ (For small organizations*) - $350
990 - $550
*Annual revenues must be under $200,000 and your total assets must be under $500,000 to file a 990-EZ.

990-T Unrelated Business Income Tax Returns - $350
If your organization receives $1,000 or more in gross revenue for unrelated business activities, you will need to file Form 990-T and pay taxes on any profits.

Full Payment is required to start your tax return.
You may fax your check along with your documents so that we may get started right away.

990-PF - Effective Tax Year 2011, we are not accepting new 990-PF clients.

6 Responses to “990 Tax Returns”

  1. edrey says:

    hello my name is edrey pacheco and i belong to a small church located in kansas city kansas and i’d like to know if you guys can help me out with a form 990 please.

    • Hi Edrey Pacheco,

      Churches do not need to file 990 tax returns.
      If its for another organization that is not a church, please let me know.

      Belinda Whitfield

      • Jim Tepper says:

        How about debt financed UBIT…. wouldn’t a 990T be required? ie, rent income on a building with mortgage rented in the entirety.



        • Only if your church is engaged in for-profit activities similar to the ones you mentioned.

          • Jim Tepper says:

            Hi ..
            thanks for your comment.
            we do own a house that we rent in total and have a mortgage on. After expenses, including the mortgage, we do have net income from it. In this case would we be required to file the 990T?

          • Hi Jim,

            The annual reporting requirements for 990-T is based on gross revenue, not the bottom line.
            Take your time and review the instructions for the 990-T that are available on the IRS website.
            If you need further assistance, give me a call or contact your tax accountant to discuss the matter in more detail.
            I can be reached at 630-759-6900 ext 710.


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